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Detail of La Boca Del Lobo installation at Black Floor. As with all installations, it was hard to capture in one shot. My focus, as here, was on the micro-level. The cut-paper filagree which included lots of human heads, animals and patterning, was amazing.

Libby and I went to Black Floor Gallery yesterday morning to catch the last day of La Boca Del Lobo, the installation by Swoon, Alison Corrie and Solovei. Beautiful, shrine-like cut-paper installation with imagery having to do with a wolf and other animals, blood, and…I don’t know I picked up wedding vibes …of the deflowering the virgin variety. More pictures at my flickr set. And professional shots at Deitch Gallery website.

We were told the installation (the wall part was made on modular panels that can be de-installed and re-installed) may travel to England.


alison corrie, black floor, solovei, swoon