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Alex da Corte’s Roses and Snakes

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Alex da Corte

With imagery that might be considered religious and that’s clearly iconic Alex da Corte continues his exploration of self in the world in his show “Help yourself to Roses” at Space 1026.

Da Corte’s large painting of a wounded individual carried towards a field of burned roses is the most compelling piece in an installation that includes a jolly stuffed animal snake pit, a wall of cut-paper printed roses and a wall of screenprinted fabric with figures tumbling in a void of flowers and something that looks like blue spaghetti.

Da Corte, whose installation at Black Floor last winter (see here and here) set out a similar idea with snakes and roses and warring miniature figurines, is working through his symbol-laden and inside-out material at a manic pace. He told me when Libby and I ran into him at the Paper Trail opening last Friday that he’s got a show in July (!!) at Vox Populi where he is a new member. Carpe diem, Alex. And then I hope you get a little rest. See more pictures of the installation here.