Breaking News…5 County Arts Fund App Due Tomorrow

This in from John McInerney intrepid art administrator at the Cultural Alliance and Mr. Philly Fun Guide himself…

We strongly encourage people to apply for the 5-County Arts Grants by the June 30th deadline, especially in the 4 suburban counties. They traditionally have fewer submissions but a large pool of funds. [Decoded: You have a much better chance of getting one.]

The original press release is here.

And here’s a couple of examples of 2005 grantees in the visual arts:

Marianne Ham – For a series of exhibits of photographic images of women farmers that express their passion for the land, commitment to saving the family farm, and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Diana Riukus – For workshops and public art-making events and an exhibit in collaboration with the Women’s Caucus for Art to make sculptural dress(es) on the theme of reaching out.

The Grants: grants of up to $3,000 to nonprofit organizations and individual artists that sponsor arts-related projects or programs in the five-county region of southeastern Pennsylvania that take place between September 1, 2006 and August 31, 2007.

How To: Apply online only!!! It’s easy (relatively).

For more information, call 215-557-7811 ext. 20.