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Buildings with moveable parts: Milwaukee

Miller Park roof partly open
Miller Park, Milwaukee with the roof partly open. I just love the engineering and all those exposed beams and girders. Click to see bigger and see more shots of the building at my flickr.

So I went to a Brewers game the other night with Kitty and her friend Terry the alderman. We laughed and drank our wildly overpriced (Miller) beer and watched as the moveable roof of the building opened and closed slowly, a feat of engineering that made me sit up and take notice. Engineering like this –buildings with moveable parts–is probably not a totally new things. But this building wears its beams and girders with pride, as a formerly blue-collar industrial city ballpark should. And the space as a space made you feel good for being there.

Santiago Calatrava
Santiago Calatrava’s building for the Milwaukee Art Museum. The wings are open here, but close at noon every day. More photos at my flickr.

Earlier in the day I went to the Art Museum another building with moveable parts. Here, too, the engineering is magnificent and the space elevates thought to a higher plane. If I sound like I’m in love, I am. These two buildings are pretty amazing.