Minty fresh as paint at Vox

Anita Allyn
by Anita Allyn

I don’t have time to write a real post, but I wanted to squeeze in a word about Minty at Vox.

It’s the new members group show, that includes a returning member, M.Ho, as well as truly new members Anita Allyn, Leah Bailis, Micah Danges, Sarah Gamble, M. Ho, Roxana Perez-Mendez and Joseph Protheroe.

All the work looked pretty snappy, but Anita Allyn’s video installation and mural were what I brought home with me in mind, a wall supergraphic of a sunset and road with a video inset where the sun would be. The video is a pimp on the classic American road movie–in hyped up uber-technicolor.

M. Ho
by M. Ho

M. Ho did a new version of her Post-it landscapes, behind the desk, and this one is extremely complex, and the texture and view made me think of flocked wallpaper.

Sarah Gamble
by Sarah Gamble

And suddenly I got a grip on Sarah Gamble, or maybe she got a grip on her own work, and it looked great, with ur-igloos, mysterious houseboats/shacks and melting northern lights.

Thumbs up on the rest. Here’s my Flickr set for more images. Gotta go.


anita allyn, joseph protheroe., leah bailis, m. ho, micah danges, roxana perez-mendez, sarah gamble, vox populi gallery



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