Radio Times features Chuck and Iris one year post-Katrina


chuck talking iris looking
Chuck and Iris, in New York, during the time they were staying with us. We had gone up to the city for the press opening of the Robert Smithson Floating Island. (see post about the Smithson and post about our journey to NY and post about the Smithson) Here, Chuck is taking a call from one of his co-workers who had evacuated to either Houston or Atlanta.

Chuck and Iris were on Marty Moss-Coane’s Radio TImes yesterday at 11 am. The talk show was doing a feature on Katrina evacuees. A year ago, Chuck and Iris and their daughter were staying with us and Chuck was interviewed for the program, so the show tracked them down for this follow-up).

Here’s the

. Their part is towards the end, about the last 15 minutes of an hour-long show.


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