New York finds Daou


Annabel Daou is suddenly all over the place all at once. I just got a couple of notes from the artist, who shows at Gallery Joe in Philadelpha.

She’s got her first New York Solo show, America, at Josee Benvenue Gallery, and tomorrow night will be giving a gallery talk there with poet Greta Byrum.

Both of them are also in an exhibit, Double Exposure: Middle Eastern Rooftops, Makor Gallery of the 92nd Street Y in New York, a multimedia group exhibition, that will stay up until Oct. 20.

In it, The Middle Eastern rooftop is offered as a paradigm of the conflicting realities between urban design, gendered gazes and urban turmoil (Excuse me while I add that I didn’t write that). Others in the exhibit include artists from Israel, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.


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