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Rosalyn Drexler’s Ends of Man at Rutgers

Rosalyn Drexler
Rosalyn Drexler. From the man and machines series.

Just a quick heads’ up about a great-looking exhibit of paintings by the awesome pop-artist and writer, Rosalyn Drexler. Rosalyn Drexler and the Ends of Man: men, women, and pulp obsessions–work from 1961 — 2001 is at Rutgers’ Paul Robeson Gallery on the Newark campus.

Drexler had a wonderful exhibition here in Philadelphia in 2004 at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery. That Sid Sachs-curated show is one of several the curator has done to revisit art by underknown women artists like Drexler and Ree Morton. I covered the show on Artblog here and in the Weekly here. And here’s my interview with Drexler. The artist emailed me recently to say she was happy with the show and that in fact she was having an out of body experience seeing her work in the gallery. Quoting from the email:

[The work] has been well received and hangs there, not needing me at all. I’m a stranger to it, and wander around like any other visitor, wondering how the artist did it.

The work is fresh as a daisy and should be must viewing for young painters who are struggling to tell a story.