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Second annual Liberta Awards


In a year that saw Gross foolishness, Libby and Roberta take stock.

Flush and blush award.This year, artblog ran a lot of bathroom shots. PS they either had art in them or were themselves art.
Bridge Burtonwood and Holmes bathroom installation in Gescheidle (Chicago) .jpg
Bathroom installation at the Bridge art fair in Miami

Billy Blaise Dufala and Steven Dufala
Harold Offeh and also Beagles and Ramsay
Burtonwood and Holmes
Carter Kustera and more toilet art at Kohler–where else??


The worst word ever applied to art award:

Abstraction. What does it mean? Isn’t everything abstract?
Runner up: Realism. Isn’t everything real? and not real?


Killer stairs award

Black Floor. It’s worth climbing the stairs for the killer art.


Steve Irwin lives! award
alpaca overbite
The alpaca with the underbite in Peru
Libby carries on the tradition talking with an alpaca, a turtle, and a pod of blue-footed boobies in South America


Supernova fade-out award
Matthew Barney’s movie slips on its own vaseline and the art star loses some luster.


Mavericks of curating awards
Canadian artist Natalie Matutschovsky’s “Sunset” archival inkjet photograph in Whisper Down the Lane at the Klein Gallery

Amy Adams for Whisper Down the Lane, Faux, and Pay to Play

Damian Weinkrantz for Logan’s Run

Daniel Dalseth for curating at Pageant Gallery; look for more international fun and games.


Artblog stalking victims:
Zoe Strauss, in a return engagement
Nick Lenker
Caleb Weintraub
Nick Cave


Triplets, separated at birth? Three shows with verve to burn.
People in seaweed
Jae hi Ahn’s installation in Parts to the Whole, at Vox Populi

O Show;

Parts to the Whole. Roberta covered both these shows here.

Vernacular Spectacular Extravaganza.


New talent we like (2006)
Austin Lee
by Austin Lee, at FUEL Gallery’s inaugural show

Emmy Hoy
Austin Lee
Sinae Lee
Kelly McRaven
Rebecca Saylor Sack
Blaine Siegel
Hunter Stabler
Brent Wahl
Amy Walsh
Nathan Wasserbauer

Emmy Hoy
by Emmy Hoy, I Love Happy Endings, at Vernacular Spectacular Extravaganza at Penn


Sculpture trendlet #1: Cardboard
Thomas Vance’s springsprung, which showed at Arcadia. We also saw memorable cardboard work by him at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery
Thomas Vance
Chris Gilmore


Sculpture trendlet #2: Biggest peephole ever award
Urs Fischer
Urs Fischer’s The Intelligence of Flowers (installation holes in gallery walls) and Untitled (branches) dripping candle installation at the Whitney Biennial
Urs Fischer


Pew wish list
Terry Adkins
Terry Adkins giant music box, in Black Beethoven, Pageant Gallery’s inaugural show in 2004

Amy Adams
Terry Adkins
Kip Deeds
Jim Houser
James Johnson
Rob Matthews
Roxana Perez-Mendez
Isaac Resnikoff
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Nami Yamamoto

o nami 2
Primordial Soup by Nami Yamamoto,photo taken at the O show


The harmonic convergence award for snake-oil hell in West Philadelphia
Jeff Koons speaks April 7, 2006, University of Pennsylvania
Eric Fischl speaks April 11 at the , University of Pennsylvania
Eric Fischl
Eric Fishl speaking with writer Alexi Worth at Penn


Risky business awards

Max Lawrence for his Free News Projects

Judith Schaechter
Image from Judith Schaechter’s Extra Virgin, a book from Free News Projects

Rosenfeld Gallery for showing Carrie Ann Baade, new queen of the goth surreal


The Golden Launchpad award
Vox Populi Gallery shoots em into orbit
Part of M. Ho’s New York Times beautification project, at Vox Populi

M. Ho to Gallery Joe
Joseph Hu to Pentimenti Gallery
Tristin Lowe to Fleisher-Ollman Gallery
Roxana Perez-Mendez in F-O, Morgellons exhibit
Isaac Resnikoff to F-O
Nami Yamamoto in F-O, Morgellons exhibit
Mauro Zamora to Seraphin Gallery
if we missed anybody, let us know.
Joseph Hu segafredo.jpg
Joseph Hu, “segafredo,” at Pentimenti


Art we’d like to see light up the PECO electronic sign at night
Anything by Anthony Campuzano

Heartbroken 17 year old by Anthony Campuzano from his show Mr. Anthony Goes to School at Moore College.


The Naughty Liberta awards

Russell Ihrig
Russell Ihrig’s hinged member greeted us at the door of Vox Populi

1) moveable penis award to Russell Ihrig

2) Outstanding use of a penis as a movie prop to David Wark, the fictional outsider artist in Junebug

3) Dirty sock award to Tristin Lowe’s All Socked Up.


The get out of Dodge award
to Andrea Kirsh for her heroic coverage of the art scene in Amsterdam, Dublin, Spain, Miami, and the Bronx. She’s in London and Dublin now.


Was blind and now sees award

Jerry Saltz for seeing the light, finally, on Lisa Yuskavage. We called it in 2000.
Lisa Yuskavage
By Lisa Yuskavage, from her recent show at Zwirner and Wirth

Roberta and Libby for taking a new look at both Robert Ryman and that cute cowboy James Turrell (see posts here and here) and really kinda getting it.


Best fantasy post by an Artblogger
photo showing Jerry Saltz being seduced by Martin Bromirski into liking his artwork, by Bromirski (here’s how he did it)

Martin Bromirski’s dream studio visit


Five people we’d like to get together at the dinner table with us because their combined IQs could launch a mission to Mars and their art blows us away:
by Frank Bramblett

Frank Bramblett
Chris Martin
Thomas Nozkowski
Jeanne Jaffe
Thomas Hirschhorn


Tell it like it is award
Jeffrey Kipnis’ acid description of the ICA: “The gaping maw of a white box”, ( p. 104 of PEI’s new book, What Makes a Great Exhibition).


Best use of ICA’s “gaping maw of a white box”
The architectural play houses, Holiday Home and Fertilizers. We like these in that space.


The Anne D’Harnoncourt award

To Anne D’Harnoncourt.
Ann d'Harnoncourt, Richard Gluckman
Anne d’Harnoncourt sporting a blue hardhat in the PMAs new Perelman Building under construction