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I got an email from Susan Myers about American Craft magazine reinventing itself for a re-launch in October. This at a time when many magazines can’t make it due to high cost of production and distribution and low subscriber base complicated by vast, free online coverage of art.

excerpt from the press release Susan passed on:

AMERICAN CRAFT, the 66-year-old international bi-monthly publication, will relaunch in October 2007, the first significant redesign of the magazine in more than 15 years. Former executive editor and founding managing editor of DWELL magazine, Andrew Wagner, recently relocated from San Francisco to New York to steer the magazine’s new direction with former founding DWELL creative director, Jeanette Abbink. The first issue of the all-new AMERICAN
CRAFT‹the October/November 2007 issue‹will feature new typography and photography, and a new editorial voice. It will reflect the current, rapid convergence of craft, architecture, art, design, and fashion, pushing these connections to the forefront of the cultural conversation.”

Judging from Dwell’s highly active website with videos, podcasts, and a kind of “hook-up” area (“connect”) for like-minded souls to get together, I’d say American Craft is going to get quite a makeover.


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