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Flux in Kensington

Belknap brothers at Flux Space last Friday night.
Belknap brothers at Flux Space last Friday night.

Last Friday, Libby, Andrea and I hoofed around to a few galleries and then drove up to Kensington to Flux Space in Art Making Machine Studios. Art Making Machine Studios is a mouthful and I’m probably going to be nicknaming the entire enterprise, which includes studios, communal work space and exhibition space, as Flux Space just to avoid having to say all those aaaa’s and mmmm’s.

We’ve heard about this space for a while now since it’s got a big Tyler connection and our Tyler students used to talk it up when we did our teaching gig last fall. The enterprise is run by Joseph DiGiuseppe, Christopher Golas and Joshua Kerner and while they are leasing the space now they told us that in another few months they will be the owners. Neighborhood’s a little fringe-y but that’s the way you get –and can buy–huge property like this I guess.

Libby told you about Flux Space and the student show that she went to there. So the space is great, the energy is great, and the performances last Friday — and I’m sorry I don’t have the exact names of who was performing– were also great. They went on very long in that Andy Warhol way of let’s take something and just go on and on and on with it in real time. The Belknap brothers (three Belknaps in puppet heads and hoop skirt dresses) danced — music box like — on a large turntable activated by the drummer. The drummer was a young woman costumed as a balding mustachioed pipe-smoking plaid shirt. Mesmerizing when the drum beat was beating and when the turntable was turning. (please correct me on the names if I got them wrong).

Flux Space
Exhibition space outside the artist’s studios (Studios rent for $300/month per).

So look for this place to pop up on the map and check it out. This weekend is an exhibit by Shaun Baer called Making Ghosts. The opening is tomorrow night, Thursday, June 7, 6:30-9 pm. Also at Flux Space this weekend, there’s something called the Big Art Show, June 9th 6:00-9:00pm. I believe it’s a cheap art fair, and I’ve never been but here’s the good news, art buyers. After you’re done with Art for the Cash Poor at the Crane (that’s over at 6 pm) you can motor up Front St or another North-bound street and find your way to the Big Art Show at Flux Space and keep on looking and buying!

For appointments to see Shaun Baer’s show, email

Flux Space is located at
3000 N. Hope St.
Philadelphia, PA 19133
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