We stop and shop for Yummy


Elyse and Nick
Nick Cassway, Nexus Executive Director, gets a hug from Whole Foods shopper Elyse yesterday at the Nexus 5% fundraiser at the store.

We–Roberta, her daughter Stella, and I–shopped at Whole Foods yesterday to help support the combo catalog-cookbook for Nexus’ upcoming Yummy show. Five percent of all store receipts from yesterday will be directed towards Yummy, which opens December 2007 and runs through January 2008.

Tuan who works in the produce department got a kick out of us posing with the peaches. So we took his picture too.
Tuan who works in the produce department got a kick out of us posing with the peaches. So we took his picture too.

The money will support the Yummy show and catalog. When we stopped by the Nexus information table, top dog Nick Cassway (above, posing with Elyse), he told us it would be a combination catalog and cookbook, with recipes donated by the artists. What a great idea!! Cookbook/catalog? We think more people will buy it than they would a regular catalog. For more on Yummy, go here.

Judy Engle
Artist Judy Engle also stopped by to shop and chat for a while.

stella and checkerboards
Stella with the blueberries (had to have em) and watermelons (pass)

We don’t know why, but appropriately enough, the colors in the supermarket looked, well, yummy. Here’s Stella amid the watermelons and blueberries. Stella, a serious recycler, is holding bags brought from Trader Joe’s for carrying her groceries. Just FYI, Whole Foods had no problem stuffing the groceries in those TJ’s bags.

Stella and $20 teakettle
Stella pitching a cute tea kettle.

Stella grabbed a red $20 tea kettle that she suddenly believed she had to have. (Roberta nixed it).

greens and blue (roberta)
Roberta got some corn and reports it was good.

But Roberta did buy more down-to-earth items, like food (as did Libby). Here’s Roberta, all blue amid the green corn husks, with citrus, bananas and green plastic bags. The plastic and the twist ties are a perfectly lurid shade of green. But the food won the color fight in the end.

Libby, feigning interest in the bags of peanuts. What she really wanted were avocados and limes but that photo didn’t turn out so well so we give you peanuts.

Libby at check out
Libby at the checkout counter.

We had lunch in the packed lunch area and watched in amazement as the crowd kept coming. We are hopeful Nexus made a bunch of dough. On the way out Nick Cassway was leaving–to go teach a class at Drexel. But he was coming back later he said.

Emma, the little Cinderella shopping at Whole Foods with her mom yesterday.

One of the highpoints of the trip was our encounter with Emma, a little girl shopping with her mom. Emma was dressed in a Cinderella ball gown and we’d seen her flitting around the store but not ever in time to get a picture. When she finally came near enough we got the cameras out, and asked to take her picture. But by the time our request registered with her she got shy and ran back to mom.

Emma got camera shy
Emma gets camera shy and runs back to mom.


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