Lights on Shadow World–David Kessler gets a star turn

David Kessler, standing under I-95 during Zoe Strauss' last PAP show in May.
David Kessler, standing under I-95 during Zoe Strauss’ last PAP show in May.

Our video hero, David Kessler–he who one day said, how’d you like to make some videos and we said yes yes (one yes was libby, one was roberta)–got some long deserved recognition yesterday in the Inquirer yesterday.

The wonderful Daniel Rubin, one of the paper’s columnists, wrote a column all about David and his amazing noir Shadow World videos of people he finds and talks to under the el in Kensington. David is able to capture sensitive portraits of people often dismissed by society, managing to simultaneously confirm and destroy any preconceptions you may have. If you haven’t bothered to click over to Shadow World and view, now would be a good time.

David is also the videographer who made the full-length ICA film of Zoe Strauss, If You Break the Skin, You Must Come In (here’s the trailer to it).

Hooray that the bigger world is starting to find David!!! We think he’s brilliant!

David also makes Look! It’s Libby and Roberta.


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