Under the radar–anonymous source tells all; we don’t

We asked a certain tipster who prefers anonymity to spill about what happened when one of the local major art funding institutions called a confab of (select?) Philadelphia galleries. Here’s the report:

OmG. . . nuthin happened! [Madame XXXX] was just like, most of you are too small to help with a grant, so I don’t really know what the point of it was. . . William Pym [of Fleisher-Ollman] has taken to wearing his shirt opened with nuthin underneath. . . they served answiches and coke in bottles. . . [Mme. X] was nice though, and seemed interested in trying to figure out how they could give money to smaller organizations, but she didn’t really have any solid ideas; … [someone] suggested small awards which weren’t grants at all. . .

hmmm. Shelley [Spector, who no longer has a gallery although she’s still a dealer] was cool though and said a lot of helpful things about how her operation works, it would be nice to have round tables like that all the time (sigh).

That’s all folks!!!!