Just in case you had any doubts



In light of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s continuing drumbeat of support for the nay-sayers in the Barnes fray who have once again gone legal on the institution to keep it in Merion, we’ve taken the small step of putting our feelings where our blog is. We at artblog are on record about the Barnes in many posts over the last four years. Our position in favor of moving the institution to Philadelphia has been expressed many times–but maybe you missed it. So we’ve placed a small ad in our own right column that links to a page of excerpts from our many posts on the subject.

The Inquirer does not give equal time to those in favor of the move. And since they continue to devote miles of column inches to the conspiracy theorists — who talk about the art cabal trying to pull one over on the poor residents of Merion — we think it’s time to get some of artblog’s statements in front of your eyes, just for balance. Click here to read.

And hot off the presses today, we received this by email:

Today, Wed Sept 5th, at 1pm, the Mayor of Philadelphia and Barnes Chair Bernard Watson will be signing the ordinance by which the City is conveying the Benjamin Franklin Parkway site to the Barnes Foundation and also making an important announcement regarding the Barnes.

Because we didn’t open this until late afternoon, we missed the event and the announcement. But this is progress!





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