New Publication from Drexel–The Smart Set


I got this from Robert Goodman, who has a show up at Seraphin Gallery this month, along with Hiro Sakaguchi:

My boyfriend is the managing editor of a new online magazine called “The Smart Set” – a name taken from the H.L. Menken publication. The writing overall is really high quality – writers like Susan Orlean, Mark Kram, Rolf Potts etc are writing for them. But I think you would really like some of the art criticism. Morgan Meiss has been writing some really great pieces for the site. [Here’s] his review of the “1001 Paintings to see before you die.” …Anyway, since this magazine (run through Drexel) is a new addition to the cultural landscape here in Philly I thought you would be interested.

I followed the link to Meiss’ piece. It’s pretty swell. Check it out and bookmark the publication.


the smart set


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