There is more than one way


Julia Schwadron and Steve Lambert

I rescued this handmade sign from the parking space outside FLUXspace the night of the opening of the current show For you, for me, from me. I don’t know if someone left it there on purpose or dropped it by accident, but the sentiment expressed seized my brain like a lightening bolt. The work, by Julia Schwadron and Steve Lambert makes my anti-authoritarian, anti-perfectionist heart sing. (I also love the punning on street signs aspect.)

Schwadron and Lambert’s idea was to make signs for Philadelphia that people could take and put up around the city — portable art, interactive art, art with words that have some uplift or funny sentiment. I am hereby setting my sign to sail on artblog where it will cross the seas to Europe and elsewhere courtesy of wires and cables and satellites we can only imagine. Bon Voyage little sign.


fluxspace, julia schwadron, steve lambert



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