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Viva Cascarones!

Cascarones by Libby and Roberta for Marta Sanchez's charity project
Cascarones por la vida Silent art auction and reception Crane Arts 1400 north american street Saturday, March 15th – 5-7pm $5 donation

The charity auction, Cascarones** por la vida, organized by Latina artist and educator Marta Sanchez started in 1992 and is still going strong contributing needed funds to families affected by HIV/AIDS. Libby and I have joined the cause a number of times including this year where our flat of 30 eggs have hand drawn images from artblog (what, you think we ever get away from the computer these days?) Other artists participating this year are Rebecca Honig, Margret Matt, Sarah McEneaney, Diane Pieri and more. Experience the eggs in person on Saturday at the Crane (first floor hall) where you can buy some for the cause and have a little food and drink as well.

P.S. Marta and her crew also will be selling eggs at Reading Terminal Mar 19-22 9-4 pm.

**What are cascarones you ask?

From Wikipedia… Cascarones or confetti eggs are festive, hollow chicken egg shells, filled with confetti, meant to be thrown or broken over someone’s head (usually as a surprise from behind), scattering confetti all over the person. Breaking the eggs over someone’s head can be quite painful if done hard enough, however, this is most often done between friends, usually teenagers. Cascarones derived from Mexico and have recently regained popularity in the southwestern United States. They are used for many different occasions but, especially Easter. Having one broken over your head is said to bring good luck.