Philadelphia painter Edna Andrade died


edna-andrade color motion 1964
Edna Andrade, Color Motion, oil on canvas,h: 36 x w: 36 in. I took the picture of Locks Gallery’s artnet page, which means it’s available for purchase.

Wow. I discovered in today’s paper that Edna Andrade had died–April 17. I must have missed the obit. There’s an appreciation of her in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, by Ed Sozanski. Here’s the link. That she earned and retained credibility and admiration in what was a thoroughly male art world speaks all the more loudly to her excellence. Nor did she retire and go quietly into that good night. She kept on painting into old age. I’m filled with admiration.

If you search the pages of artblog for Andrade, you will find she comes up again and again as art historical context, as underappreciated and as far too invisible. Yet we all know how great she is. What’s that about?


ed sozanski, edna andrade


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