Small Change brings Philly videos to the world or at least to Brooklyn!



Local video group Small Change is going ON TOUR with a program of experimental films and videos and music videos from PHILADELPHIA!!

Videos screened include work by Philadelphia artists including Ryan Trecartin, Sarah Christman, Dave Dunn, Ted Passon, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Chris Ward, and Michael Robinson. Tour begins with a barn screening in Kimberton PA tonight then moves to Brooklyn, New England, upstate New York and Canada.

The screening tomorrow night in Brooklyn sounds great, with Sweatheart playing music, Andrew Jeffrey Wright doing standup comedy with props and Mark Price‘s Cars Will Burn doing its thing. We can’t believe we’re going to miss this! We’ve seen some of the videos–including the Manipulators, Ryan Trecartin’s Tommy Chat and Sarah Christman’s Dear Bill Gates and they’re terrific!

Small Change is run by Ted Passon who also is one of the founders of Padlock Gallery and is a Space 1026er –and he’s working on a documentary about Space 1026.

And just to take you down the rabbit hole further, here’s what’s going on at Padlock Gallery Saturday night — it sounds hysterical:

·Clothing Swap May 10, 2008 8PM “Wendy’s favourite time for sewing and darning was after they had all gone to sleep.” Clothing Swap and All-night Alteration with Wendy Jane Hyatt, Hilary Price, K-fai Steele, Margaret Rolicki, Leslie Salazar, Stephanie Brown, and Jennifer Rice. 

The Padlock Gallery will play host to our second installment of clothing swaps. The purpose of the swap is pretty simple. Participants bring unwanted garments and share with those who may want to save, re-use or alter the cast-aways. The artists on hand will collaborate after the swap to adorn each others bodies as a simple act of survey, measurement and assessment. Participants will construct individually tailored garments for eachother or themselves by cross sharing seamstress, patternmaking, bust making and other communally held skills. We will work late into the night, using the recycled material source (the swap) to make a type of garment habitat for each unique person based on their dimensions and daily activities. The result should be a sort of life-uniform or even superhero costume which would enable that person negotiate all range of circumstances and adventures.


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