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Michael Grothusen channeling Anish Kapoor and Quentin Morris.
Michael Grothusen channeling Anish Kapoor and Quentin Morris.

The show Paper Jam at My House Gallery includes not only us but some great surprises as well. Above is a piece by the wonderful Michael Grothusen, a piece with enough gravitas to hold the entire wall. Jonathan Berger also has a piece in this show.

IMG_7866 Eoin Burke
My own Eoin Burke.

I got to take home a piece by Eoin Burke. I’m always a sucker for giveaways, this one available from a small carton pinned to the wall. Burke was one of the contributors to the collaboration between Peter Rose and Mark Campbell now up at UArts (see post).

IMG_7868 Nora Renick-Rinehart
One of Nora Renick-Rinehart’s women heroes sewn on notebook pages

Paper Jam included quite a variety of work, like a real envelope shaped into a conceptual envelope–a box with cut-out letters from Daniel Payavis–or the heroines stitched onto Nora Renick-Rinehart’s notebook pages. Notebook pages were a frequent theme–Nike Desis’ notebook pages were filled with doodles and short to-do lists of mundane chores mixed with self-improvement commands; and Bonnie Brenda Scott’s notebook page drawings referenced elaborate doodles.

IMG_7876 bonnie scott pastes dumpster
A pair of Bonnie Brenda Scott wheatpaste figures on a dumpster in South Philadelphia, near the Italian Market. I don’t know who did the cartoon.

After the opening, we passed by a dumpster near the Italian Market adorned with two prints by Scott, wild images of sheep/girls on the march. I liked the coincidence! And I like that Philadelphia is at once so big and so small.

Here’s my flickr set to see more images, including an image of our very own contribution, Brick.


bonnie brenda scott, eoin burke, michael grothusen, nora renick-rinehart



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