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Nike Desis' Fashion activity book, Color Me Fierce!
Nike Desis’ Fashion activity book, Color Me Fierce!

The first girl to break into the boy group that runs FLUXspace was Nike Desis. So you know she’s gotta have some spine. And the spine has showed up on a book that arrived on my doorstep the other day. She has just published a coloring and activity book in time for Christmas–it’s aimed at girls and it’s about girls, but the pink cover doesn’t mean that what’s inside is pretty in pink.

IMG_8860 Nike Desis
This is a page about poor Libby. She got a raw deal.

Desis’ book, which comes with its own crayons attached to the cover (from “Black is the New Black” Black to Gold-Digger Yellow), talks Dick-and-Jane-ish prose mixed with dark humor about the vapid expectations for girls and unfair limitations for girls that permeate our culture.

The book is a great gift for a budding feminist or a hopeless Britney Spears wannabe–in other words, any not-too-too young female (not appropriate for a young child or some young teens, although neither is Paris Hilton, and you can’t escape her). While the book is funny, it tackles serious issues from gender identity to self-loathing to sexism.

[added 12/7: the best way to get this book is through Nike’s blog (see comments if you want more about this)].

Color Me Fierce!, a Fashion Activity Book
by Nike Desis
ISBN 978-1-59474-279-8
Quirk Books is a Philadelphia publisher! Check them out.


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