Airport opp for obsessive collectors of everyday stuff, you know who you are


Leah Douglas, Director of Exhibitions at Philadelphia International Airport, is looking for people in the region who collect everyday ordinary things as a hobby or private obsession for a new show of collections at the airport.  If you have a collection of small to mid-size objects you’d like to see displayed at the airport — you know, coffee mugs, teaspoons, bumper stickers, campaign buttons, postcards, etc., get in touch with Leah pronto.  She’s trying to organize a show for July.  The collections should be of small to mid-size objects, and around 20-50 objects per collection will be shown, she says.

Leah had a previous collections show at the airport of vintage sand pails, thimbles, christmas-themed objects, fiestaware, pez dispensers, glass tumblers and salt and pepper shaker sets so probably she doesn’t need more of those. To be considered, contact Leah by email: and she will follow up.



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