William Kentridge countdown


It’s 16 days to the premiere of Art 21’s new film about William Kentridge. It ain’t perfect but Kentridge himself is. The film William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible takes place Oct. 21 at 10:00 p.m. on PBS (check local listings it says; not a good sign). I am going to remind you every once in a while that it’s coming soon. I’m a total fan!!!

William Kentridge. Drawing for the film Stereoscope, 1998–99. Charcoal and pastel on paper; 47 1/4 x 63 in. Copyright and courtesy of William Kentridge. from the Art21 site, http://www.art21.org/anythingispossible/slideshow/on-animated-films/#art21-wkaip-films-008

art 21, william kentridge



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