Weekly Update – Common place, coming Friday at Extra Extra


The ladies are taking over Extra Extra this month, transforming the white-walled alternative space into a den of decor and comfort without, I’m guessing, a big-screen TV. “Common Place,” a collaborative sculptural installation by Beth Brandon, Luren Jenison and Samantha Margherita, is interactive. And it has to be, because any good lounge space has comfortable outcroppings on which to lean, sit or lie. But since this is also an art installation and not an IKEA showroom, there’s lots of stuff to look at, pick up and shake. The show’s theme is nature—specifically what role it plays in our increasingly domesticated lives. To prove the point, there won’t be just potted plants in the cave; the artists will inject some real nature into it. Will there be a real Bambi in the gallery, a la Joseph Beuys, who in 1974 set up temporary digs in a New York gallery—complete with a coyote? Check the opening to see.

“Common Place,” through April 24.  Opening reception Friday, April 1. 6-10pm. Extra Extra, 1524 Frankford Ave. 301.412.7547. eexxttrraa.com

Read this at Philly Weekly.


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