The secret’s out – Gravy rocks Fishtown with art, music and performance


Gravy Gallery is the best keep secret in Fishtown’s Frankford Avenue art corridor. How it remains so is way beyond the volume of sound that comes from its location.

Gravy, new hot spot in Fishtown. Photo by Roman Blazic

Gravy is a collaborative photography workspace and photo gallery located in Liberty Vintage Motorcycles,  2212 Sepviva St, Loading Dock 1, across from Konrad Square between Susquehanna Ave and Dauphin St.

Evan Foster, with his photos, featured at Gravy this month. Photo by Roman Blazic

Emma Stern  along with Katie Tackman  and Ben Riley co-found Gravy in January 2011. Their first known exhibition was in April 2011.

This month Gravy presents “Well Read” a photographic exhibition by Evan Foster. Evan explains, “The photographs seek to re-contextualize these objects by playing on the transformative power inherent in books and the camera, creating new worlds where books can take on new meaning.”

People at the Gravy opening July 6. Photo by Roman Blazic

These are actual photographs of books that had been staged on a clear Plexiglas table with lighting from beneath and a created backlit scene to complete his expression. Evan admits to a bit of Photoshop in the process of construction, but not so in the creation of the photographed objects.
The result is a very imaginative and successful interpretation of his sense of transformation of books.

Technician, playing at the Gravy opening July 6. Photo by Roman Blazic

First Friday also included a blistering musical performance by “Technician” beneath a suspended helicopter in the main space.

Stephanie Green and Erin Flanagan performing at Gravy opening, July 6. Photo by Roman Blazic

Yes. Yes, there was more. The aerial duo of Stephanie Greer and Erin Flanagan performed feats of acrobatics on fabric high up to the ceiling for a stunned and appreciative audience. These two ladies got their training at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.

Stephanie Greer and Erin Flanagan. Photo by Roman Blazic

Now is the time to let the secret of Gravy Gallery out to everyone. The environment of vintage motorcycles, a suspended helicopter, head banging thrash, people-in-the-know and best little art gallery in all of Fishtown is waiting to be discovered at large. Shhh!
Contact Gravy:

–Roman Blazic writes from Fishtown


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