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Artist Housing news from People’s Emergency Center! Congratulations artists in great Juried exhibitions at Vox+Icebox, Congratulations, PPAC exhibit winners, Hannah Price+ Hrovoje Slovenc, Daniel Tucker speaks at New Boone, Plus, Snarky App and Opportunities
Good opportunities today plus many congratulations to artists in important juried exhibitions, some good quick reads, and an app that wants you to declare your selfies and pictures are not art. - Artblog editor



People’s Emergency Center announces affordable housing for low-income artists!

4050 Apartments is a residential project for low-income artists and others.
Once completed, this three-story building will contain 20 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments that offer flexible layouts and large windows. Residents will have access to a community room on the ground floor that will also be a site for arts and educational programming open to the public. Full information and application instructions at the PEC website.

Exhibition announcement #1 – Vox Populi announces artists for its annual juried show, VOX XII: News and Weather. Congratulations, all! Juried by Gordon Hall and Brian Droitcour, featured artists are listed below. The show runs July 1-31, 2016. It’s always a great roundup and a summer viewing must.

Black Quantum Futurism (Philadelphia), Chenlin Cai (Philadelphia), Leo Castaneda (Miami/NY), Matt Coombs (Philadelphia),Ala Dehghan (NY), Delaney DeMott (Chicago), Katie Duffy (Baltimore), Mark Joshua Epstein (NY), Susan Fang (NY), Naomieh Jovin (Philadelphia), Sharon Madanes (NY), Julie Malen (Philadelphia), Marcella Marsella (Philadelphia), Megan McManus (Philadelphia), Mary Moloney, Catherine Mulligan (Philadelphia),Heidi Norton (New York), Dana Oldfather (Cleveland), Anne Pagana (Philadelphia), EunJung Park, Tim Quinn, Felix Quintana (Los Angeles), Jason Schechter, Meredith Sellers (Philadelphia), Qiaoyi Shi (New York), Ryann Slauson, Meg Stein (Durham, NC), Loring Taoka (Arkansas), Dave Tavacol,

More information at the Vox website.

Exhibition announcement #2 – Philadelphia Photo Art Center announces winners of their Annual Contemporary Photography Competition and Exhibition. Congratulations, Hannah Price and Hrovoje Slovenc! Each artist receives a solo exhibition between Dec. 8, 2016 – Feb. 25, 2017 and a $5,000 honorarium for production and shipping costs.

View our 2011 slide show/podcast interview with Hannah Price (above)! Her project, “City of Brotherly Love, pictures men who have catcalled her.

More from PPAC:

In addition, work from 25 finalists has been selected to appear in a printed pamphlet and online exhibition that will run concurrently with the gallery exhibition counterpart on PPAC’s website. The 25 finalists are: Noah Addis, Saleem Ahmed, Pascal Almoyal, Matthew Arnold, Morgan Ashcom, Aaron Blum, Tim Carpenter, Sebastian Collett, Megan E. Doherty, Antone Dolezal, Matt Eich, Sean Foulkes, Jillian Freyer, Joshua Dudley Greer, Jon Horvath, Tommy Kha, Amiko Li, Jennifer Loeber, Jessica Richmond, Kyle Seis, Nick Shepard, Charlie Simokaitis, Lida Suchy, Joseph Webb, and Mark Zawatski. Congrats to all! We’re excited to see what the future holds for these artists.

Exhibition announcement #3 – LIVE/WORK at the Icebox – a show of artists age 26 and under


The Icebox Project Space is pleased to announce LIVE/WORK, an exhibition of artists residing in the greater Philadelphia area born after 1990 (26 and under). Artists were selected from an open call juried by the Icebox Project Space.

In a city as expansive as Philadelphia, our ever-growing arts community is not growing fast enough. The diversity of makers here is not always apparent, and the opportunity to be seen and heard is not always present, especially for those early in their careers. In response to this certain lack, The Icebox Project Space presents LIVE/WORK, specifically focusing on providing a chance for younger artists outside of academic structures to exhibit. Providing this platform is meant not only as an act of inclusion, but also as an acknowledgement of the commitment that every artist makes in working and negotiating a space for their practice. Please join us in recognizing more members of our community.

Live/Work @ The Icebox 2016 from Em Jensen on Vimeo.

Lucia Rose Alber, Michelle Albertson, Gérardine Aldamar, Kim Altomare, Jayna Anderson, Eric Anthony Berdis, Cody Bluett, Ian Bosak, Hilary Brashnear, Mathew Coldony, Corinna Cowles, Anna DeCaria, Morgan Gilbreath, Maddie Hewitt, Kees Holterman, Alexa Jensky, Thomas Lauria, Isabel Lederman, Kevin Lowenthal, Olivia Menta, Yue Nakayama, Erin O’Brien, John Riggi, Michael Schaffner, Ethan Patrick Sherman, James Sturner, Brett Suemnicht, Morgan Twist, Tara Vaughn, Hilary Wang, Kenneth Winterschladen, Cara Yarmolowicz, Maya Yu Zhang

Artist Conor Sweeney creates app to protest, well, basically, photo sharing on social media.
For $0.99 you can declare yourself as a non-artist on all your photos! Why you would do this I do not know. But maybe it’s a new art movement.

This is Not Art. This app is a meta-modern commentary on the post-modern debasement of art. Everything is not art. Adding filters and angles to your selfies and photos does not make you an artist. If anything can be considered art then that means nothing could also be considered art. Express your evolving views by sharing your meta-modern photos with your friends. Take a photo, add a filter, and join the #NotArt movement by posting it to social media. Check it out here.

Now Do This – New Boone conversation series #2 – Daniel Tucker

Daniel Tucker, Thurs. June 23, 7PM
New Boone
253 N. 3RD St., Philadelphia 19106

In our second talk, “Pay Attention & Listen” we continue the conversation by inviting Daniel Tucker, director of Social and Studio Practices at Moore, to speak about the ethics of social practice and the relevance of practices of attention & intention.

Socially-engaged art draws from many disciplines, including a great deal from the history of community organizing which often privileges the concept of working within one’s “own” community. This conception of belonging can be based on numerous factors including demographics, geography, and history. And for those who are from the outside, there are various methodologies used to connect with and build the community you want to be a part of.

“Pay attention” and “listen” are actions encouraged in nearly every side conversation about practicing and educating towards socially-engaged art, yet they have not been foregrounded. They draw from traditions of community organizing as well as spiritual practices centered on mindfulness. They circle around conceptions of ethics, and yet no space has been made to explore that theme explicitly.

Daniel Tucker will join us to talk about some of the projects he is working on including “In/Out: Ethics, Attention, and Intention in Socially-Engaged Art” as part of a series of summer symposium organized by the Social & Studio Practices department at Moore College of Art & Design and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program (see This talk will give some insights into the thinking that is informing Tucker’s curriculum at Moore, the In/Out gathering in July, and questions of how artists grapple with ethics, attention and intention today. More information here


“UNPOPULAR,” the current issue of The St. Claire is out!

Via Philly Voice… Urban Art Gallery, a new art exhibition space in West Philly, provides platform for the community.

African American History Museum in D.C. exceeds fundraising goal!

Yay, Christo! Walking on water never looked so beautiful.


Bluecadet seeks Communications Manager & Writer

Bluecadet is seeking an experienced Communications Manager with stellar writing skills to manage all external agency communications. This is both a managerial and hands-on position to set and implement the strategy for all communications, website, social media, and public relations efforts, as well as develop content consistent with brand.

As the Communications Manager, you will produce all written materials for Bluecadet, which includes composing, editing, and managing the production of a full range of materials. You will be responsible for all aspects of managing and producing all communications materials, including website content, project case studies, e-newsletters, press releases, social media, and blogs.
Superb copywriting skills and the ability to develop a unique writing voice that can speak to our audiences in a creative, meaningful, and memorable way will be key to succeeding in this role. Additionally, this role requires someone who is self-directed, with the ability to work in a dynamic and growing organization.

This person will work closely with senior management, including the CEO, Executive Creative Director, Director of Strategy, and Managing Director.

Specific duties include but are not limited to:
Produce and manage review process of all written materials from draft creation through distribution of final product
Writing, reviewing, and updating of content for our website
Interviewing Bluecadet staff and clients to develop interesting case studies
Assuring that material developed is factually and technically accurate, as well as interesting and engaging

Bachelor’s Degree in English, Communications, Writing or related field
3 to 5+ years of directly relevant experience

Complete information at their website here.

VIA MICA…Smithsonian seeks photographer

This position is located in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). The National Museum of African American History and Culture is the largest national museum for the study and exhibition of African American history and culture. Its primary purposes are to acquire, maintain and preserve objects which document social, cultural, political, military, technological and scientific developments in the United States related to the African American experience; to conduct scholarly research designed to make significant contributions to the body of knowledge in the field of African American history, to publish findings for both scholarly and general audiences; and to interpret historical developments through public exhibits and programs as well as digital content.

The incumbent provides or oversees photographic and other digital imaging services, including production of high-resolution still and video images of the Museum’s collection objects that are constructed of a wide variety of materials, sometimes oversized, and generally difficult to photograph, scan, or film. Duties include:

Occasional Travel
Occasional travel may be required.
Complete information at MICA’s website.