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Contemporary Mexican photographers at Bronx Documentary Center

[Rachel visits a successful show of contemporary Mexican and Mexican-American photography, shot from the insider perspective. — the artblog editors] The border. The landscape. The people. The culture. The life. Mexico has long fascinated foreign photographers, with Paul Strand and Edward Weston being notable examples. This fascination continues today, with American photojournalists going to capture life on the other side of the border, or artists drawing inspiration from the country’s vibrant culture. While the resulting images are certainly valid (and often revelatory or beautiful), how they become interpreted and the imaginations they provoke perpetuate a long tradition of the outsider’s gaze ... More » »

Kevin Beasley, "Untitled, 2014," Polyurethane foam, resin, shorts, t-shirt, underwear, cotton rag and zip ties, 10 x 15 x 13 inches. Photo by Adam Reich, courtesy of The Studio Museum in Harlem.

Material Histories presents its artists in residence at The Studio Museum in Harlem

[Rachel visits an exhibition featuring the work of three artists whose Harlem neighborhoods inform their work. — the artblog editors] A residency for any artist is a time to reflect. Invited into a new space, setting, and sense of pace, the artist is given the opportunity to foster his/her artistic process, while actively exploring a new community. Since 1968, the Artist-in-Residence program at The Studio Museum in Harlem has been enabling visual artists of African and Latino descent to do just that–explore themselves, and explore Harlem. Neighborhood influence Material Histories, on view at The Studio Museum through October 26, 2014, features ... More » »


“Without the Wall” explores identity and incarceration at Philadelphia’s City Hall

[Rachel delves into a show that asks whether prisoners’ art will ever be free of associated stigma–and how much of the artwork’s interest comes from the artist’s incarceration. — the artblog editors] “Can we experience art without the story of the artist?” That is the question Treacy Ziegler asked herself when beginning Without the Wall, an exhibition on view at Philadelphia’s City Hall through August 22. Asking 55 artists to create a work of art in a six-inch circle, but presenting each work anonymously, Ziegler directly explores artistic identity. The catch: Half of the 55 artists are incarcerated, and half ... More » »

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth from all of us at Artblog! We hope you have a great day relaxing with friends and family. Watch out for those fireworks!


Art and influence — Interchange at The Galleries at Moore

[Rachel visits a group show addressing the inescapable fact of art as collaboration and influence. — the artblog editors] A bowl of coins labeled “Free Money”. A massive Connect Four board game. A book titled “Participation,” filled with blank white pages. These are only three of the works that comprise Interchange, an exhibition on view at The Galleries at Moore through August 23. Co-organized with members of Grizzly Grizzly and Practice in collaboration with Moore, Interchange stems from the premise that art is always an exchange of ideas. Including local, national, and international artists, the show brings together myriad objects ... More » »


Pew announces 2014 grants for Philadelphia artists and organizations!

Congratulations to the 2014 Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Grantees! It looks like 2014 will be a great year for arts and culture in Philadelphia. Read about the artists and their projects here. PEW Fellowships – $60,000 each  Laynie Browne, Poet Thomas Devaney, Poet Michael Djupstrom, Pianist and composer Fatu Gayflor, Vocalist and folk artist Leroy Johnson, Visual artist Mary Lattimore, Harpist and performer Travis Macdonald, Poet Ted Passon, Filmmaker Susan Rethorst, Choreographer Matt Saunders, Theater artist and scenic designer J.C. Todd, Poet Brent Wahl, Visual artist Project Grants Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, $240,000 Arcadia University, $94,200 Asian Arts Initiative, $60,000 Bryn ... More » »


Familiar streets — Gregory Prestegord at F.A.N. Gallery

[Recognizing Gregory Prestegord’s masterful ability to suspend viewers in a given moment, Rachel reviews the oil painter’s work on view at F.A.N. Gallery. — the artblog editors] Gregory Prestegord’s paintings will resonate with anyone who experienced the past winter in Philadelphia. He captures the heaviness of snow’s blanketing, the loneliness in the streets as the city’s inhabitants remain forced inside; the endlessness; the constant. City scenes described in oils If there is one painter capturing Philadelphia today, it is Gregory Prestegord. I first met Prestegord last year after wandering into F.A.N. Gallery in Old City. His pieces combined a sense of ... More » »


Interview with the artist — Mia Rosenthal’s plans for her Leonore Annenberg Fellowship

[Rachel sits down with artist Mia Rosenthal, who recently wrapped her second solo show and has big plans for her just-awarded career development grant. — the artblog editors] What would I do if I could do anything? What is it that I really want to do? That is what Mia Rosenthal has been asking herself since applying for a 2014 Leonore Annenberg Fellowship. As fellowship winners were announced this week, Rosenthal became one of seven recipients of a $50,000 career development grant awarded by the Leonore Annenberg Fellowship Funds. The award comes at the end of her second solo show, ... More » »

Tlisza Jaurique, "Desátame," (Unravel Me), 2005.

Tlisza Jaurique glitters at Taller Puertorriqueño

[Rachel discusses how Tlisza Jaurique’s combination of traditional and modern cultural tropes, plus the use of glitter, gives the artist’s work meaning and relevance. –the artblog editors] The iconography is strikingly familiar, but the execution comes with a twist. Tlisza Jaurique takes traditional Mexican imagery–Aztec motifs, local fauna, nationalist colors–but mixes in contemporary nuances. Her main ingredient? Glitter. The Madonna takes center stage in Taller Puertorriqueño’s current exhibition, A Contemporary Madonna Counterpoint: Mexico & Puerto Rico. Jaurique offers the Mexican perspective, while Philadelphia artist and musician Daniel de Jesús offers a Puerto Rican-inspired view. While de Jesús’ influences from colonial Latin American ... More » »

Haas and Hahn, Philly Painting, 2012. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Book review — Mural Arts @ 30

[Rachel reads the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program’s recent book, which includes essays on the organization’s projects, history, impact, and goals. — the artblog editors] Thirty years of making murals The first words encountered set the scene: change, value, place. Mural Arts @ 30, the latest publication from the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, explores the contemporary identity of the organization as it examines itself. The book highlights the program’s 21 projects completed since 2009, using their concepts, partnerships, and imagery as ways to talk critically about mural painting, public art, and social change. As Mural Arts celebrates its 30th anniversary with ... More » »

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