We believe that art and the discussion of art make the world a better place.

Artblog's mission is to create and foster dialog about art, power, value and truth, in order to promote a better future for all. Our independent online arts publication focuses on marginalized artists—BIPOC, LGBTQ artists and women—whose art traditionally has been shunned by the mainstream media. Our inclusive writing and editorial teams embrace our mission and work collaboratively to steer the discussion. Our program is online and in the community.

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Art can be difficult at times; art can be challenging. Artblog writes in a manner that tries to make it accessible to a lot of people.

— Dave Kyu, artist, Creative Supervisor, Asian Arts Initiative, former Manager of Neighborhood Time Projects for Philadelphia Mural Arts Program


In 2003, Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof launched Artblog with a mission to educate and support a community of artists, art lovers, gallerists, critics and academics. Artblog, with its roots in arts journalism, was recognized for excellence twice by Art in America (2005, 2007) and has received grants from the Knight Foundation (2007, 2010, 2014-15), the PA Council on the Arts Project Stream, Citizens for the Arts in PA, the Philadelphia Cultural Fund and elsewhere. In 2010 Artblog incorporated and became a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Working as a team of writers, editors, tech support and volunteers, Artblog today provides weekly content on the changing art scene in Philadelphia. Throughout our 20 years of continuous operation we have been a unique and reliable valued online archive that connects the public with art. Through Artblog's work with students and emerging writers, we are mentoring the next generation of cultural journalists. Through work with established writers we are raising the bar on commentary and steering the discussion into important topics for today.


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Artblog's two major strengths are its inclusiveness and independence. Because of that inclusiveness and independence the organization can exist as an inviting and open "neutral territory" amidst a cultural landscape that is fragmented and partitioned by school affiliation, artistic difference, generation, and especially the heinous forms of social stratification that disenfranchise communities along racial, cultural, and socio-economic lines.

— Gee Wesley, Curatorial Assistant, MoMA, Department of Media and Performance, former Program Director, Recess and Spiegel Wilks Curatorial Fellow, ICA

About Our Programs

Art Writing Challenge
The Art Writing Challenge – begun in 2015 - is a FREE region wide contest to find the best new approaches in art writing. The goal of this competition is to get more people writing about art – in as many creative ways as possible. We aim to foster a culture of art writing that incorporates a wide spectrum of methods, styles and ideas – from poetry, free-form responses and experimental methods, to essays, reviews, interviews and more. We want to see your best. The best writing will not only address the art in question, but also progress the conversation into unexpected and underrepresented territories.

Art Safaris
We received a Philadelphia Knight Arts Challenge award in 2011 for our experimental Artblog Art Safaris. Art Safaris are guided tours to connect the public with Philadelphia's alternative gallery scene. Art Safaris continue today and have been responsible for sales of art by local artists to Philadelphia collectors.

(Past Project) - Artists and Social Responsibility
We inaugurated the Artist and Social Responsibility Class in 2015 with help from a Knight Foundation grant. The college seminar/community laboratory focuses on the role of the artist in society and meets on-site at the Village of Arts and Humanities. Students from local colleges and high school students from North Philadelphia learn together and create projects directed at bettering the social environment in the North Philadelphia neighborhood.

At Knight Foundation, we believe the arts are one of the most effective ways to bring people together and challenge them to build a better community. Artblog's (Artist and Social Responsibility) class will instill that mission in artists as they begin to form their practice, fostering a commitment to strengthen the community through the arts.

— Dennis Scholl, Former VP for arts at Knight Foundation