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Lane Speidel is a Philadelphia based artist, curator, member of Vox Populi Gallery, and graduate of Tyler School of Art.They play with writing, sculpture, fiber, music, to try to place themselves in the world. These different methods patchwork in freaky, funny, and sad installations, with seams visible.They are a white Jewish transexual fag and acceleratingly disabled in many directions. Their writing practice began as love songs to friends, and now its poetry, music, plays, and sci fi. Lane has been an artist in residence at Flux Factory and TPAIR.They have self-published many zines, and their writing has been in Ginger Zine, Stone Fruit, Art Blog, and Wicked Gay Ways.They know that being a ts fag is political. Our job is to upend all systems that do not make possible joy, family, community and celebration. They use their writing to look out of the keyhole of our capitalist reality, in their spare time they are also looking for the key. website substack

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