artblog goes to florida, california and new york too.


Contemporary Mexican photographers at Bronx Documentary Center

[Rachel visits a successful show of contemporary Mexican and Mexican-American photography, shot from the insider perspective. — the artblog editors] The border. The landscape. The people. The culture. The life. Mexico has long fascinated foreign photographers, with Paul Strand and Edward Weston being notable examples. This fascination continues today, with American photojournalists going to capture life on the other side of the border, or artists drawing inspiration from the country’s vibrant culture. While the resulting images are certainly valid (and often revelatory or beautiful), how they become interpreted and the imaginations they provoke perpetuate a long tradition of the outsider’s gaze ... More » »

Figures kissing

Dear Nemesis — Nicole Eisenman at the Institute of Contemporary Art

[Michael enjoys a retrospective of Nicole Eisenman’s incisive, poignant, and often-hilarious work. — the artblog editors] I visited Dear Nemesis knowing nothing about Brooklyn-based artist Nicole Eisenman, and seeing her work for the first time. The 20-year survey of her paintings, prints, sculpture, and drawings is physically and emotionally challenging to appreciate because of the sheer number of works displayed, the dramatic subject matter explored, and the extent to which so many of the works themselves are absorbing. Prolific and political The exhibit is comprised of 20 or so large canvases; a set of 34 prints (mixed-media and monotypes on paper); ... More » »

Egon Schiele, "Self-Portrait with Arm Twisted above Head," 1910.

Egon Schiele at Neue Galerie

[Diana analyzes two self-portraits in a new show by the short-lived, yet prolific painter Egon Schiele. — the artblog editors] While Egon Schiele is notorious for his depictions of erotica, subjects performing acrobatic sexual acts upon themselves and each other, his motives for creating them were as commercial as they were prurient (they sold!). His models were usually prostitutes, but even cheaper was the model he always had at hand: himself. Schiele based his multiple self-portraits on his image in the full-length mirror he kept in his studio and even took with him when he traveled. Iconic composition and narcissism The ... More » »

Art Basel Miami

Miami Project, on the periphery of Art Basel Miami

[Andrea singles out several favorites from Miami Project, one of ABMB’s satellite fairs. She found herself particularly drawn to drawings this year. — the artblog editors] Miami Project is a fairly new member of the 22 smaller fairs that circle, like small fish, around the shark that is Art Basel Miami Beach. The dealers are all well-established galleries across the U.S. As usual, I paid attention to the work that was unfamiliar, and found a lot of it interesting. Rare sketches from Mel Chin Mel Chin’s work was on view at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans): a wall piece in ... More » »


Renderings, a group show at the University of Delaware

[Marvin reviews a show of printmaking and collage work that both achieves a breadth of artistic approaches, and captures the artists’ personal takes on the theme of “memory”. — the artblog editors] As a young print enthusiast, it is always my pleasure to stumble across a show dedicated to the medium. Renderings: New Narratives and Reinterpretations, on view in the Mechanical Hall Gallery at the University of Delaware, is a perfect example of an exhibition that highlights works from a recognized collection and brings to light new scholarship in the printmaking field. Repeat, rework, reprint Drawn from the Philadelphia-based Brandywine Workshop, Renderings ... More » »


The New Yorker’s Passport 2014

[Evan offers a crisp review of a wide-ranging art crawl, highlighting favorites and weak spots, and commenting on the crawl’s effectively loose organization. — the artblog editors] One week after hardy and well-trained participants braved the pavement to complete the famous New York City Marathon, I completed a hefty trek of my own–The New Yorker’s Passport 2014 arts and culinary crawl through the Lower East Side and SoHo. A fully immersive day of gallery-hopping and tasty sampling, Passport left me with eyes and mind as worn as my legs and feet–the proximity of spaces was deceiving on paper, but I ... More » »

Paik in presentation of 'Good Morning Mr. Orwell' at the Kitchen Gallery, NY, Dec. 8,1983, photo © Lorenzo Bianda

Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot at the Asia Society, New York

[Andrea appreciates an intimate retrospective of Nam June Paik’s forward-thinking work, in which the artist’s foresight and sense of humor are easily apparent. — the artblog editors] Go, go, GO to the Asia Society before Jan. 4, 2015 to see Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot–even if you’ve seen lots of the artist’s work before. And if you’ve only seen the work in photographs, you’ve seen nothing. I thought I had a good understanding of Paik’s output; I’d been to the big Guggenheim retrospective in 2000, had read much published material, and briefly worked with the artist in connection with a ... More » »

Man in powdered wig

Exchange Rates — The Bushwick Expo

[Elizabeth experiences Bushwick, Brooklyn’s recent art fair, highlighting works that stayed with her; she notes that a relaxed atmosphere is among the fair’s admirable accomplishments. — the artblog editors] I can’t stop repeating “Something for the weekend, sir?” and comparing Exchange Rates: The Bushwick Expo to a barbershop, since the free art exposition recalls a chummy, neighborhood business that encourages serious networking amidst fleeting, down-to-earth pleasures. Months in the making, the international art exposition, which took place from Oct. 23-26, was fruit of the collaboration between Centotto and Theodore:Art galleries from Brooklyn, and the London-based Sluice___ Art initiative. Over 30 international ... More » »


Sari Dienes — at the center of things, yet overlooked

[Andrea argues for the recognition and appreciation of Sari Dienes, a prolific and flexible artist whose work has largely been overlooked by history until this, her first solo museum show. — the artblog editors] The Drawing Center is showing a very small but powerful exhibition of the work of Sari Dienes (1898-1992), on view at the Lab gallery through Nov. 16; it is her first solo museum exhibition, and it is certainly belated. It is a must-see for anyone who is interested in the New York scene of the 1950s-80s, but doesn’t recognize Dienes’ name. Friends in all the right places Dienes ... More » »


Studio Living — Sarah McEneaney at Tibor de Nagy

[Michael Lieberman offers a curious and thoughtful review of Sarah McEneaney’s paintings, which reveal the artist’s quiet, imaginative life. — the artblog editors] The centerpiece of Sarah McEneaney’s fifth exhibition at Tibor de Nagy, Studio Living, is titled “ACT with Me (AB),” in which we find Sarah napping on a couch at home surrounded by her vigilant dog and cats–Angel, Cole, and Trixie (thus, ACT). AB is for “after Balthus” because Sarah’s pose in the painting is based upon the Balthus painting “Sleeping Girl,” in which a beautiful young woman is portrayed peacefully sleeping on a bed with one of ... More » »

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