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From the vault: Jess Perlitz’s interactive work

[Canadian sculpture artist Jess Perlitz recently opened Chorus, a moving work comprised of recordings of incarcerated men and women throughout the U.S. She asked them, “If you could sing one song, and have that song heard, what would it be?” She layers the results into a “choir” triggered by a visitor’s arrival into a cell at Eastern State Penitentiary. We interviewed Jess a couple of years ago about the emotions and processes that inform her work, and why it is that you can so often interact with her pieces. — the artblog editors] Jess Perlitz makes work that you can interact with. ... More » »

Michelle Post, speaking with us Jan. 31 at DaVinci Art Alliance.

From the vault: Michelle Post on artblog radio

[Sculpture artist Michelle Post’s “tronies” become a permanent exhibition this month at Grounds for Sculpture. The Oligarchs features Post’s metal busts of America’s 19th-century wealthy elite are originally carved in Styrofoam and then cast. They’re not of specific people, but somehow, they’re quite recognizable. We interviewed Post two years ago about her movement from wood to foam, and a few other things! — the artblog editors] Michelle Post’s sculptural Tronies will debut as a permanent installation at Grounds for Sculpture this fall. In our podcast the artist tells us how she received the commission and how she conceived of the 10 large portrait heads that ... More » »

Becky Kerlin (l) and Christine Pfister(r) talk with us Nov. 30 at Pentimenti Gallery

From the vault: Pentimenti Gallery and Gallery Joe endure

[We’ve watched four galleries close or announce their closings within the last nine months: Rosenfeld, Artists’ House, Gallery 339, and LGTripp. Three of them were in Old City. In light of these closings, we’re bringing back a podcast with Becky Kerlin and Christine Pfister, owners of Gallery Joe and Pentimenti Gallery, respectively. Both galleries have been open for more than 20 years! Gallery Joe is moving out of its Old City building soon, but will return in a new building in a new location near Crane Arts. — the artblog editors] Celebrating two independent gallerists On the 20th anniversaries of Gallery Joe ... More » »

Lindsay Chandler (l) and A. J. Rombach at Fjord on Frankford Ave.

From the vault: Two founders of Fjord

[We’re big fans of Fjord! This spunky little gallery, founded by Lindsay Chandler, A. J. Rombach, Sean FitzGerald, and Liam Holding, showcases emerging and established artists side-by-side–but the founders never show their own work. We’ve covered lots of shows at Fjord, so it was time for a refresher! Chandler and Rombach tell us how Fjord came to be. — the artblog editors] “It’s possible here in Philly” Lindsay Chandler and A.J. Rombach moved to Philadelphia after graduating from art school (Lindsay, from RISD, and A.J. from Boston University).  They didn’t know each other before moving here but became friends through their network of ... More » »

cinder blocks in shades of grey

Beauty ban — First Friday recap by the St. Claire

[If you had a hard time getting out and about on Friday, April 3, we’ve got you covered! St. Claire editors and contributors Allison Hardt, Stacey Holder, Matt Kalasky, Suzanne Seesman, and Zach Rawe discuss the sights and happenings of April’s First Friday. – Nicola, the guest editor] Exhibitions covered: Hello My Name is Automat at AUTOMAT Pattie Chalmers’ Mudmaid Museum at Practice Susie Brandt’s Paradise at Grizzly Grizzly Sharon Koelblinger’s A Scar is a Question Mark at Vox Populi Gabriel (Gus) Boyce’s Shirts and Stones at Vox Populi Screens at Little Berlin Tony Garbarini’s Historical Drift or: If You Say Something, See ... More » »


From the vault: Matt Kalasky on artblog radio

[Curious about who’s editing artblog this month? Meet Matt Kalasky, one of the minds behind The Nicola Midnight St. Claire. Matt is a Tyler graduate who’s influenced by sci-fi and fantasy. We interviewed him in 2012. Listen to his chat with Libby and Roberta below! — the artblog editors] Matt Kalasky spoke with us Oct. 17, 2012 about his role as one of the founding editors of the new online arts journal, the The Nicola Midnight St. Claire (now temporarily called “The New, New Masses”–you can hear about that on their website). We also wanted to hear about his art, ... More » »

woman posing serious with arms crossed

From the vault: Ingrid Schaffner, next Carnegie International Curator!

[Congratulations, Ingrid Schaffner, ICA’s amazing Senior Curator, who was selected to curate the 2018-19 Carnegie International!  Read more about that here.  And in this 2011 From the Vault podcast (which includes an audio slide show–scroll down!) hear Ingrid on her many and excellent projects, and how she loves to work with artists.] NOTE: This podcast was originally published on Artblog on September 5, 2011 Ingrid Schaffner, ICA’s Senior Curator, has been with the Institute of Contemporary Art for ten years, and in that time she’s created many great exhibitions. Schaffner has a an easy smile, a ready laugh, and an interest in ... More » »

Eileen Neff, Horse by Car, 1 and 2, Archival Pigment on Dibond

Live Comments – Bridgette Mayer on Eileen Neff’s new Costa Rican works

[This episode of Live Comments features Bridgette Mayer talking about the show currently at her gallery by Eileen Neff.] Eileen Neff’s 3-week residency in Costa Rica produced some lush images of animals, plants and birds dealt with in Neff’s anthropomorphic way. Listen to the brief (5 minutes) audio of gallerist Bridgette Mayer talking about the works, then go have a conversation with the standing and seated leaves, and the horse, whose gaze is captivating. Perfect show to transport you to another climate, when you really need it. The show is up to April 18.  Here’s a link to the gallery website.

Frank Bramblett Endurance detail

Live Comments – Frank Bramblett’s No Intention at Woodmere

[In this Live Comments, we hear about Frank Bramblett and his retrospective at Woodmere Art Museum.] What engages Frank Bramblett is the inner life of a painting, often built upon secrets that only the artist knows. Frank, who has a deep inner dialog with his works, has shared his art secrets with few — until now.  In our 2012 podcast with Frank, he revealed that when he spoke about art — like at student critiques, to which Libby and I were witness when we co-taught with him at Tyler — he was channeling his imaginary friend, Graham.  All we know is that Graham/Frank is ... More » »

Ken Lum, speaking with us on Nov. 12 at his studio in Bella Vista

From the vault: Ken Lum on artblog radio

[We’re excited to have Ken Lum as a panelist on the Activism, Evangelism, Art discussion that we’re co-hosting with Slought! Join us on Monday, March 23 at 6:30 pm to hear Ken talk with Amy Sadao, Pepón Osorio, and Aaron Levy about how artists and communities interact in Philly. — the artblog editors] Ken Lum moved to Philadelphia in 2012 to head up the Fine Arts Undergraduate Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. Right now, you can see work by Ken at his solo exhibition, The Mini-Mall Series, at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery. AND, coming in March, his work will be featured in the 2014 ... More » »