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wall display in cafe

Live Comments by Douglas Witmer at Green Line Cafe

[Roberta sees a new kind of display at a cafe in West Philadelphia and grabs a live comment from cafe owner and artist, Douglas Witmer. –the artblog editors] Green Line Cafe, like many local coffee houses, has a robust art program. On its walls you are likely to see paintings, prints, drawings, small sculpture by local artists, and now, for the first time, a graphic display of a study by University of Pennsylvania graduate students Jessica Hurley and Laura Finch, documenting their research into racial implications of the Cold War nuclear bomb crisis, 1945-89, and capitalist (bankers, developers) implications of urban ... More » »

people in gallery

Live Comments – October Grand opening of CruxSpace

[First Friday, Oct. 3, 2014, saw the grand opening of CruxSpace, a new media gallery, near Girard and 7th St. I stopped by before the official opening while the gallery was documenting the show and attending to last minute details and collected some Live Comments.  The audio is brief (4 minutes).  Give a listen!  Want to comment on a show?  Look for me at openings or, send an email with your written comment to theartblog19004@gmail.com and we will include it in the next Live Comments]

wall display in cafe

Live comments! Kay Healy’s Lost and Found at the Free Library

[I was out at the Free Library last night for Kay Healy‘s talk about her work and to see her new installation in the first floor Home Page Cafe. Kay’s project is a story project. She collects stories from people about objects that they have lost and what they feel about those objects. Peter Crimmins did interviews with the participants and you can hear the stories here.] I collected some Live Comments at the opening.  The audio is brief (under 2 minutes).  Give a listen!  Want to comment on a show?  Look for me tonight at First Friday events in ... More » »

Matthew Green at our interview, Jan. 20, 2014, at  CultureWorks.

Matthew Green on the lure of painting and the Meadowlands – on artblog radio

Matthew Green’s realist oil paintings depict the natural world punctuated by pieces of the built environment that intrude and insist on the human presence in the landscape. Green’s works are pristine and forlorn and raise issues of ecology and the age-old struggle of humankind to subdue the natural world. We met Green in 2003, our first year of blogging.  On a hot summer First Friday in Old City he was selling his beautifully-rendered paintings of Philadelphia’s abandoned buildings on Second Street.  While he doesn’t sell his work on the street anymore his works now sell (successfully) online. Matt’s subject has switched ... More » »

Roberto Lugo and his wife, Ashley Lugo, during out interview last December at Crane Arts.

Roberto Lugo talks about family, humor and what fuels his ceramics – an artblog radio podcast

When we talked with Roberto Lugo last December he told us many provocative things, like how he grew up in a poor neighborhood surrounded by grafitti and how the grafitti ethos (decoration, production and making a mark on the world) influences his own decorative and prolific output. Lugo told us that art saved his family but it seemed to us that Lugo himself was saving his family with his art impulse and his great big heart.  The young artist, who is 32 and just received his MFA from Penn State University in ceramics, has an inspiring story and his work ... More » »

Amy Sadao, ICA Director, in her office, on April 7, 2014.

Amy Sadao talks about ICA’s programs and upcoming exhibitions – an artblog radio podcast

Amy Sadao, Director of the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)  has won many awards for her work as a curator, organizer and leader in the arts. There are not a lot of women directors of art museums, and Sadao says that’s a problem. She herself had strong woman mentors and credits them for her success. We asked Amy about ICA’s plethora of programs and the museum’s free admissions, and she told us about an upcoming Nicole Eisenman exhibit in the fall and a Barbara Kasten exhibit in 2015, both of which sound great! We spoke with Amy at the ICA on ... More » »


From the vault — October 2012 — Syd Carpenter on artblog radio

[The African American Museum of Philadelphia recently opened More Places of Our Own, an exhibition of sculpture artist Syd Carpenter’s work celebrating the community-uniting efforts of African American gardeners and farmers in Georgia and South Carolina. We spoke with Carpenter in the fall of 2012 about the project, right after she returned from Georgia. Have a listen! — the artblog editors] Syd Carpenter’s ceramic sculptures are in many museum collections, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Academy, and the Renwick in Washington, DC. Carpenter’s muscular and biomorphic forms pull together recognizable imagery–chains, fences, flowers, and a series of farms based on ... More » »


From the vault — Meet artblog comics artist Andrew Jeffrey Wright

[Ever wondered about the man behind artblog’s latest spate of cat comics? Andrew Jeffrey Wright, who draws the popular Bananazz, talked with us in 2011 about zine-making, stand-up comedy, and surviving on $500 a month. Listen to the podcast to learn more about him! — the artblog editors] Andrew Jeffrey Wright is known for his humorous drawings and prints, psychedelic pattern paintings, and most recently his stand-up comedy routine, which he performs regularly Tuesday nights at the Barbary. Wright, who is a founding and current member of Space 1026, made his first splash with The Manipulators, an animated film he co-produced with ... More » »


From the vault — April 2011 — Jennie Thwing on artblog radio

[A few years ago, we interviewed Jennie Thwing, an award-winning artist, filmmaker, and educator, on artblog radio. On April 1 through April 30, Thwing’s new work will appear in Imaginary Reality: The 10th Annual Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition at the Main Line Art Center in Haverford. The exhibition, curated by Main Line executive director Amie Potsic, also features Nic Coviello and Tim Portlock. Get to know how Thwing approaches her work, and then check out Imaginary Reality at the show’s opening reception, gallery tour, and artist talk on Friday, April 4 at 4:30pm! — the artblog editors]  Jennie Thwing‘s whimsical stop-action animations have ... More » »

John Caperton, speaking with us Jan. 10, 2014 at the Print Center.  The green-tinted room comes from part of Canicular's red/green color piece in the downstairs gallery.

John Caperton on Canicular and how the show changed the Print Center during its run – An artblog radio podcast

In the exhibit Canicular by New York artist Demetrius Oliver, a live feed of Sirius, the “Dog Star,” streamed from a telescope at the Franklin Institute into a white silo-like structure in the Print Center’s second floor gallery.  On clear nights you could stand in the dark tubular space, created specially for the show, and see the live feed of Sirius shimmering above your head .  The only catch, you had to enter the silo by way of a modified dog door.  Crawl on all fours and you’re in. This was part of the humor of the piece, said John Caperton, Jensen ... More » »