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Director of Research, Jonathon Keats, at the helm of his epigentic cloning project, AC Institute, New York in 2012. Keats is set to clone Obama, Gaga and Jesus in Berlin this month.

Letter from Berlin – Forgeries, pheromones and clones, ten questions for Jonathon Keats

Jonathon Keats has brought the cerebral into the art marketplace. Nearly 15 years ago he sat in a gallery for 24 hours looking at a nude model and selling his thoughts to art collectors. A few years later he copyrighted his mind as a sculpture. In 2004, he tried to genetically engineer God to get to the essence of the Divine.  He’s enlisted string theory to purchase real estate in other dimensions, and created a silent four-minute and thirty-three second ring tone remixing John Cage’s composition 4’33” .  And he even sold collectors the experience of spending money. Now in ... More » »

wall and table sculpture in the artist's studio

A studio visit with Alexis Granwell

—Multi-media works and some complicated printmaking are under discussion as Andrea visits an artist’s studio.–the artblog editors———————–>Sometimes a single artwork is compelling enough that I want to know more about its maker.  At a two-person exhibition at Tiger Strikes Asteroid  late last year, I was intrigued by a very large, subtly-layered work on paper that featured an outlined image of a yurt. I could find no clues as to how it was made. When the artist, Alexis Granwell, said it was a print created with multiple intaglio processes, I was startled. Intaglio usually leaves not only a plate mark, but ... More » »

Photo credti to Brian Cypher

"Long Division," 2011, acrylic and collage on monotype, 11" x 15.5"

Brian Cypher’s science-fueled lines, spaces and shapes at Bushwick’s new Schema Projects

—Elizabeth tells us in this post about a self-taught artist whose work grows from his fascination with science and the natural world.  His show is in Bushwick.–the artblog editors———————————–Brian Cypher’s works are a perfect fit for the new Bushwick, NY, gallery Schema Projects, started by artist Mary Judge. Cypher’s organic shapes, repeated undulating lines and allusion to the natural world echo the long-time focus of the gallerist, whose work was featured at Gallery Joe in 2005 (see Roberta’s review). Cypher is primarily a draftsman who uses color, in his own words, “as a singularity.” You would expect to see numerous ... More » »

detail of poster for 'Quodlibet' by Katja Spitzer

Spot Color and Books Not for Kindle at Nobrow Press, London – A Studio Visit

I learned of Nobrow Press when I saw one of their ‘books’ in the shop at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.  I use quotes because the publication in question, Rise and Fall, by the American Artist, Micah Lindberg, was a text-less accordion fold (or leporello), printed on both sides. I wrote about it when discussing Holiday Books on November 6, 2012. I was struck by the quality of the printing, as well as the format, both of which were closer to a fine art print than to a traditional book. From an e-mail correspondence I learned that the press used ... More » »


Lisa Kereszi on family and other influences – an interview

I interviewed Lisa Kereszi by email to write a book review on “Joe’s Junk Yard,” which appeared in theartblog in early November. artblog asked if I could do a Q and A with the material that was leftover, so I dove back into the file, what southerner’s call “the gettin’ place,” and patched together an edited version of our email correspondence. Lisa and I had only met briefly before this interview, so it’s a record of searching for common ground through family and influences as much as it’s an interview. Lisa generously answered all my questions, the review wouldn’t have ... More » »

Brooklyn's Superchief Gallery is looking forward to hitting Miami Beach this December for the art fair.

How To Launch An Art Fair

Back in September, I was solicited over the Internet to exhibit at the Select Art Fair at Miami’s Catalina Hotel.  I was, according to the e-vite, the kind of artist that should take advantage of a unique art fair opportunity during Art Basel’s annual Miami art orgy (December 5 – 9, 2012).  The pitch: For only $4,800 I would be able to show my work in a hotel room – one of only about 60 – right around the corner from Art Basel Miami.  The founders proposed the curious idea that I could sleep in my gallery space! I wrote ... More » »

Gloria Zein's "I can't stop the dancing chicken," 2012, in Berlin, getting ready for a road trip to London.

Letter From London – An interview with Gloria Zein, on dancing chickens and German art

In 1998 I met the German artist Gloria Zein in Paris.  We were on the street near my house in the 14th arrondissement.  She handed me a postcard. It was a cross between a BYOA (Bring Your Own Artwork) and dinner at her house in Paris: one had to cut a circle out of her card and insert a “sign of our existence” into it – an assignment with tape, staples or whatever was handy.  Since then I have been following Gloria’s career with wonder.  In 2002 she asked her male friends to send her photographs from the Internet of their ... More » »


Anne Minich’s old boats, a studio visit

I visited Anne Minich at her home/studio Aug. 3. Anne, who is 78, has been in and out of chemotherapy for the last year, but she is an energizer bunny nonetheless, creating work, organizing an exhibit, “Transformations” at the Cathedral in West Philadelphia (that opens Sept 1) and generously hosting visits from friends and family. “I’m using cancer as a positive thing to move forward,” she told me, in her usual upbeat, no-nonsense way of speaking. My previous studio visit with Anne, in 2004 (wow, so long ago!) introduced me to an artist who is deeply spiritual and whose work is ... More » »

Douglas Witmer in his studio

Interview with Douglas Witmer on art and modesty

Artist Douglas Witmer thinks a lot about community and how he can create an ideal one around him–and beyond. You may know him as a co-owner, with his brother-in-law, of the Green Line Cafes, which I think of as the community hub of University City. Or maybe you know him as a musician, or by his art work. The thread that weaves through everything he does is that commitment to community, and how he’s just a part of a larger whole. The modesty carries over into his philosophy of art, including issues related to whether we should care if art ... More » »

FranklinsPaine_Granahan Skatepark Renderingweb

Knight Arts Challenge year 2 winners announced!

Two years ago, the Knight Foundation roared into town with news of their $9 Million Knight Arts Challenge for Philadelphia. This year, the second in the 3-year Challenge, sees 35 winners whose projects will be funded by the Knight awards, which are matching grants that require local funds equal to the Knight amounts. The winners were chosen from 1,260 applicants to the contest, with winners from visual, performing, music and theater arts as well as some in more unusual pursuits. With this round of awards, $5.4 million have been awarded for 71 ideas. The third year of the Challenge opens ... More » »

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