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Judy Gelles' ethereal trailer park imagery, on view at LACMA now. Photo: LA Times, via the artist.

News post – OACCE welcomes Helen Haynes, Jennifer Bartlett’s “History” in the Hamptons, Judy Gelles at LACMA, opportunities and more!

News   As a sponsor of the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby this year, we’re enthusiastic about any and all efforts to bring attention to our local treasure. Adrienne Justice is currently producing a two-part film for NicJusticeMedia.com showcasing the 8th Annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby as well as the 9th Annual Trenton Avenue Arts Festival! You can view part one of the documentary, with the other soon to arrive. For those planning on attending Ed Sozanski’s memorial service, it’s been scheduled for May 31 at 10 AM at the First Unitarian Church. We have a new Chief Cultural Officer! In a press conference at ... More » »

Kim Tran, Square (2012). Wood furniture parts, acrylic. 19.5 x 19.5 x 8 inches

Off the Wall at Parallel Art Space in Queens

[Elizabeth tours an upbeat, five-artist show that tests conceptions of space and the picture plane — the artblog editors] Like a mullet haircut–“business up front and party in the back”–Rob de Oude and Enrico Gomez maintain Parallel Art Space in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens, New York and their respective studios as a single unit. Parallel’s current show, Off the Wall, pushes boundaries by challenging the traditional wall format, and includes work by Gilbert Hsiao, Stacie Johnson, Kim Tran, Ken Weathersby, and (former Philadelphian) Alex Paik, who opened a sequel to Tiger Strikes Asteroid in New York in 2012. Capitalizing on ... More » »

"Woodpeckers," by sculptor-turned-painter Ann Chabhandour.

News post – Kim Sajet to head National Portrait Gallery, happy tenth for Green Line, Ann Chahbandour at Towson, opportunities and more!

News This week brings major accolades for Kim Sajet, currently the president and CEO of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and now the director of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. A Portland gallery with a Philadelphia flavor opens: Amy Adams and John Ollman of Fleisher/Ollman Gallery have teamed up to open a new gallery in Portland, OR. Adams and Ollman, founded to showcase 20th century self-taught American artists and contemporary artists for Portland, opens with an exhibition of two and three-dimensional works by Philadelphia artist Bill Walton. The show is on view from March 1–April 27, 2013. Between this, the recent ... More » »

Prelude and Fugue (Cutouts), gouache, marker, colored pencil, paper, 11 ½ x 11 x 1 ½ in., 2012

Handmade, meticulous abstractions playing with color at Gallery Joe

The works of Nicole Phungrasamee Fein in where and Alex Paik in Recapitulation Bop, both on display at Gallery Joe, are small and precise experiments with color. Paik’s show, Recapitulation Bop, captures light and color in the process of transmission. The multi-colored paper works are like a physical representation of intangible colors that are not physically real. A classically trained violinist, Paik’s works approximate the course of musical preludes and fugues in a physical object. Paik says in his statement that his works are “humble” and seek an intimate dialogue with the viewer. Physically small, three-dimensional, and partly projecting from the ... More » »


Around the world at 319 N. 11th St., Part 1

I took a little ramble around the galleries of 319 N. 11th St. last Saturday. It was quiet and I almost had the place to myself. Dualities at Grizzly Grizzly

Alex Paik, Prelude and Fugue, 2011, gouache, marker, color pencil, paper, at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Rainbow Connection on First Friday – a few pictures and thoughts on lovers and dreamers

The first thing I saw before going into the Vox building last Friday was a rainbow. Well, a reference to a rainbow anyway. And like those real emanations of light and color after a hard rain, the wheat-paste poster cheered me up and made me laugh. A toss off, perhaps — a smart, on the money parody of the city’s tourism marketing posters — it set the bar high for my very, very brief visit inside.

Falling Cow, art and money followup

Mega Man, by Alex Paik, 64 x 54 inches, acrylic on canvas Every artist dreams of becoming a commodity–and not. That’s part of what’s on the mind of local artist Alex Paik, who, after reading Roberta’s post about the demise of Falling Cow Gallery and the state of art and money and commodification, wrote a swell short essay. Paik pulls in Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and footnotes, too!!! So check out the post on his blog, Watching Paint Dry.


Places of the heart, at Siano

Verbena, by Rebecca Saylor Sack, oil on canvas, 60 x 70″ The four artists showing this month at Gallery Siano have such different takes on what a place can mean that the exhibit gathers meaning beyond the contributors. Rebecca Saylor Sack’s extraordinary paintings of water and woods sparkles with light and energy and danger. In the flick of a brush, Sack expresses a branch or a tumble of leaves. The leaf mold underfoot, the glint of sky in water, the crash of broken limbs and trunks are all there as reminders of the peace and danger and the cycle of ... More » »