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installation with ship

The Rijksmuseum’s re-installation, and some comments on museum labeling

[Andrea visits the Rijksmuseum, which reopened last year after a decade-long, near-$500-million renovation. While pleased to see art objects placed in historical context, she laments the museum’s reliance on an inconvenient computer labeling system. –the artblog editors] This was my first visit to the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam  since its refurbishment, and while 10 years was an exceptionally long time to put most of the collection of the country’s major art museum in storage, the results are superb. The most significant change, in terms of the displays, is the decision to arrange the art by period and theme, rather than medium. The ... More » »

Mountains in Lofoten, Norway, 10:00 PM

Above the Arctic Circle in Norway, industrial parks and art in Berlin, John Baldessari in Amsterdam

Our plane from JFK  touched down on Norwegian soil around 9:15 AM, Oslo time. My last aerial glances revealed Norwegian fields spread over long ripples of irregular landscape like crinkled foil, the plots creating a puzzle (not of squares like in America’s Midwest) but of triangles and polygons, which suggested people in a more relaxed oneness with the land.

June in Amsterdam: Beldan Sezan’s ‘Zakkum’ etc.

I love Amsterdam and have been visiting a close friend there regularly since 1998, but if you’ve never been to the city, this is not a good time to go. Much of the city is torn up because of large construction projects: at the train station (whose entrance is entirely obscured behind hoardings, below, and interior is also undergoing work); on major streets, where they are building a subway; and at both the Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum. Both museums have a small selection of their collections on view, which is probably sufficient for tourists, but not for readers of  artblog.  ... More » »

Peter Schuyff, in his studio in Amsterdam, May 2009. Photo: Matthew Rose.

10 Questions For Peter Schuyff

10 Questions For Peter Schuyff, after a studio visit in Amsterdamn. Painting, Music and life in the land of the Dutch Masters.


Amsterdam journal

Post by Andrea Kirsh A Philadelphian in Amsterdam I was staying in the Pijp, the neighborhood of 19th-century worker housing that was built around the Heineken brewery. Lying just outside the central ring of canals, it has a large number of immigrants and is the site of a daily market on the Albert Cuyp Straat, selling everything from fish and flowers to clothes. It was not a chic neighborhood, at least until now. It’s a bit like Old City, Philadelphia, and seems to be moving in a similar direction. No condo towers in this area yet, although Amsterdam has more ... More » »