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Andrea Packard, "Ascent." 2013.

News post – Kelsey Johnson comes to Locks, Liberta’s morning at Moore + evening at Green Line, Andrea Packard at the Painting Center, opportunities and more!

News   Kelsey Halliday Johnson, formerly of Vox Populi, is the new Assistant Curator at Locks Gallery. Johnson is thrilled to be at the helm for Locks’ new fall exhibitions, Sarah McEneaney’s Trestletown and Ena Swansea’s Fugitive Scenes, opening today and continuing hough November 23. There’s a reception November 1 from 5:30-7:30pm, where, if you haven’t already seen Johnson at her new digs you can meet and wish her well! Tom Devaney, excellent poet and artblog contributor, has a reading with Charles Bernstein tonight as part of the 215 Festival tonight at 8:30pm at Steap & Grind on 1619 Frankford Ave. 2 from us – 1. Don’t forget, our ... More » »

Tom Uttech, Ninbimwewe, 2011-2012, oil on linen

Tom Uttech and James Prosek – Monumentalizing the magic and beauty of nature

Tom Uttech’s works are a kind of mystical realism. The woods, animals, birds, rocks and clouds in his oil paintings (recently closed at Swarthmore College’s List Gallery) look like the real thing, however, nature in Uttech’s works has been transported to some extraordinary realm, where birds don’t act bird-like and clouds and bears are not really like themselves either. Take the bear/man hybrid (a stand-in for the artist and viewer) that appears in many of Uttech’s works, for example. It looks out on the landscape, its back to you, a mysterious presence in a wondrous land. Sometimes the bear’s shape ... More » »

Ward Shelley

News – FLASHFLooD, Kutztown, Ward Shelley at Pierogi, and lots of opportunities!

News Lectures and discussions Temple Gallery is offering a lecture with Philadelphia resident and Creative Time curator Nato Thompson on Thursday, Feb. 23 at 7:00 PM. Thompson will speak about his latest book Seeing Power: Art and Activism in the Age of Cultural Production. We at artblog would love a Creative Time organization in Philly, and as it turns out we have the curator right here! Reserve a seat for Nato Thompson’s lecture at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2826019701 or call 215 777 9138.  And in West Philly, artist and independent curator Matheiu Copeland speaks at Kelly Writers House Thursday, Feb. 16, 6pm, about his efforts at subverting ... More » »

Andrea Packard, in front of one of her cloth landscape collages at List Gallery, Swarthmore.  Andrea runs the gallery and this show was not her idea.  Her faculty peers rose up and said to her you have to show this great work.

Andrea Packard – the world, one swatch at a time

We saw our friend Andrea Packard’s show at Swarthmore College last week on a gorgeous Spring-like day. Her landscapes are so full of beauty, joy and hope they mirrored the day — and took us on a little indoor roller coaster ride. Andrea’s works are made from cloth scraps, rug scraps, paper, prints, pastel and paint. Many of the materials come from friends or family and are significant to her.  In a way she is turning these scraps into monuments that praise the world — and people.  The works are special and  magical, and it’s well worth the trip out ... More » »