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John McLaughlin, Untitled (1941) at Franklin Parrasch Gallery.

Art Basel Miami Beach, 2013

(Andrea strolls the 2013 Art Basel Miami Beach art fair, and offers her picks from both new and familiar artists. — the artblog editors) Each year, friends ask about my response to Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB), and I reply that someone might be able to attend a fair for three and a half hours and offer an opinion, but I’m not that someone. I attend fairs to see what I can learn, preferably to see interesting work by artists I didn’t know, or new aspects of artists whose work I’ve seen before. Another wonderful Picasso drawing, such as the ... More » »


Art Fairs in Miami, 2012 – Traffic everywhere and a show stopper at the new Miami Project

This year the traffic in Miami defeated me. The amount of activity generated by more than twenty art fairs would benefit from public, and preferably underground, transportation. While I saw plenty of art over two days at three fairs, I saw nothing sufficiently new or challenging to make up for bumper-to-bumper traffic and streets, endlessly clogged, with drivers who didn’t know where they were going. After three fairs, I gave up. So this won’t pretend to be a best of the best, or even an overview. I spent the first afternoon at Art Basel Miami Beach  with my friend, neighbor ... More » »


Art Basel Miami Beach 2011

I decided to take it easy at the fairs this year, assuming that, as with large conferences, I’d certainly discover interesting work but was unlikely to predict ahead of time just where I’d find it. One obvious new feature of Art Basel/Miami Beach this year was the prominence of furniture. Some of it was part of the work on display, such as Dan Peterman‘s Running Tables at Klosterfelde, Berlin, despite the fact that the staff were sitting on the built-in seats to eat their lunch; I assume his recycled plastics can handle the wear.

Geza Szollosi's friendly taxidermy cow head at Mauger

Hits of the week in Miami-Post #1

As you know, the art fairs are overwhelming. We saw six fairs and two collections plus some stuff sprinkled around Miami. Here’s what wowed us. We’re starting with sculpture and 2D favorites. Next post we’ll do some videos. We went down to the fairs looking for trends but couldn’t find them since there are so many being worked on all at once–the economy, politics, love, death, hate, women, survival, ecology and just having fun. Things seemed to be selling well from what we could tell. People were happy but a little lost in all the aisles of art.  One trend ... More » »

Gavin Turk, at Kelly Gallery

Expanded Tweets about the Miami fairs

While we were in Miami we tweeted a half dozen juicy little tidbits. Here they are — illustrated and annotated! — for your delectation. More posts coming today. Art Basel Miami

Notes from ABMB etc. 2008

Sophie Matisse The Staircase Group (2001), shown at Art Basel Miami Beach, courtesy of Francis M. Naumann Fine Art. Two and a half days and I managed to attend five fairs and two private collections with museum-like spaces open to the public (three Miami private collections are currently run as private museums open to the public and a fourth has just been announced). I say attend, because to actually see most of the work in the main fair (Art Basel Miami Beach or ABMB) might take three entire days (and at least a day for the other sizable fairs), and ... More » »

Art in Miami; previews

Art in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB) has expand at a startling rate – this year there were 21 fairs circling around ABMB (up from 12 last year), not to mention the many artists’ projects, museum and gallery exhibitions. Events also start earlier and earlier; the fair is officially Dec. 6-9, but activities had begun by the 4th. I started the day at Vizcaya, James Deering’s 1916 pastiche of a Mediterranean villa on Biscayne Bay, where last year the director began inviting artists to do on-site projects (much as Robert Wuilfe has been doing with Landmarks Contemporary Projects ... More » »

Art in Miami: Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB) didn’t open to the public until Thursday, Dec. 6 but on Wednesday at 10:30 am there was a press conference and reception (champagne but no coffee), and at noon the press and Very Important People were allowed into the exhibition. The Not-So-Very Important People attended the preview at 5; the rest of the world had to wait until Thursday. When the exhibition doors opened it was a bit like the start of the New York City Marathon, with a similar jockeying for position; I had no idea how many press and VIPs there would be. ... More » »