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What a Philadelphian Krampus looks like. Photo courtesy of Imperfect Gallery.

News post on Sunday this week…

Keep an eye out for the news tomorrow morning! We’ll have some dirt on a major PMA acquisition, a Krampus spectacle by some intrepid locals, the most meta example of crowdsourcing imaginable, and more.

Agnes Martin, one from the portfolio of 30 ‘On A Clear Day’ (1973) screenprint, 12 x 12"

Julie Green’s ‘Last Supper,’ Patricia Hills on Jacob Lawrence and Suzanne Hudson on Agnes Martin

I was in Miami last week for the rare trip not instigated by art, but it included a good bit of art nonetheless. I was visiting a sick friend, so had a chance to do a lot of reading. On the plane I looked at the current issue of Gastronomica, the sexiest, best-designed scholarly journal I’ve ever seen, with fascinating articles written for real people as well as food scholars; everyone’s interested in food, no? One article featured a sugar sculpture competition arranged by the Food Network. Food art has a respectable place in art history, since in the 16th ... More » »