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Billie Grace Lynn, Miami, FL  "Mad Cow Motorcycle", 2008, metal, cow bones, (kinetic sculpture), 36" x 96" x 24"

West Prize winner rides for cows

When the West Collection decided to change up the West Prize and give the $25,000 purse to a project and not just to an artist, they truly changed the nature of the prize.  The winner of the grand prize, Billie Grace Lynn, was announced at the West Collection earlier this evening (Thursday, April 21). She will be using her prize money to fund a project to educate people about cruelty to farm animals.  Her piece,  “Mad Cow Motorcycle”, 2008, a motorcycle made of a cow skeleton that the artist rides as part of her educational performances, is already being used for ... More » »

Work from the finalists

West Prize names 2011 finalists–and more

Congratulations to the 10 new West Prize finalists–