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Celestine Wilson Hughes talks about becoming an artist – an artblog radio podcast

Celestine Wilson Hughes began to feel like a real artist about the time she got a band saw and started cutting wood in the backyard for painting projects.  Before that she considered herself a vendor of jewelry and hand-painted t-shirts.  Customers told her she was an artist and she began to adopt that mantle.  Wilson Hughes, who is self-taught, makes large totemic sculptures out of colored glass shards.  Her works are celebrations of community, the garden and especially of women’s undervalued inner strength and women’s bodies. Hughes just got a studio outside her house when she started a residency at ... More » »

Celestine Wilson Hughes, in her 40th St. A.I.R. studio in West Philly.

Next week on artblog radio – a podcast with Celestine Wilson Hughes

Celestine Wilson Hughes makes large colored glass sculptures that are totemic and sing the praises of the natural world and community. They especially are a celebration of women’s undervalued inner strength, and women’s bodies. Hughes, who has a studio at home in her basement, just started a residency at the 40th St. A.I.R. (Artist in Residence) studios in West Philadelphia. The artist is self taught and her free-standing collages of cut glass, metals, and other objects like beads are wonderful–bright and engaging objects that catch your eye from across a room that you want to explore up close. Next week ... More » »

Tim McFarlane, "Imposition(indeterminate passage)", 2012, acrylic on panel, 36 x 36 inches

Behind the scenes of art making – This is the last weekend for 2012 Philadelphia Open Studio Tours

THIS MONTH, Philadelphia Open Studio Tours has opened the doors to 300 studios and art venues in neighborhoods across the city, allowing visitors to go behind the scenes and see where the work gets made and how the tools get used. In 1999, POST began with a network of 13 artists. It’s grown so large it now spans two October weekends (Oct. 6-7 and Saturday, Oct. 20 and Sunday, Oct. 21). Last year’s event attracted 37,000 people. The tours introduce artists to the community and may result in sales, but that’s not the main goal of the event, said Ann ... More » »

Studio visit: Through the eyes of Celestine Wilson Hughes

Celestine Wilson Hughes Celestine Wilson Hughes drives a school bus. She gets up at 4 a.m. to get to the job on time. And while on the break between driving the students to and from school, she wraps the edges of her bits of glass in foil to prepare them for use in her work. The glass is sharp and her fingers hurt. The irregular pieces are mostly tiny–many of them smaller than half an inch. Weekends she’s in the cellar studio, assembling the bits and pieces into complex compositions. Hughes in her living room. Hughes didn’t discover her inner ... More » »

Weekly Update – Evoking Spirit, Embracing Memory

This week’s Weekly has my review of Evoking Spirit, Embracing Memory in Baobab Park, an exhibit of bottle trees sponsored by Village of Arts and Humanities. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr. Message in a BottleVillage of Arts and Humanities’ new project shines. Martina Johnson Allen’s Flight of the Songbird, detail, honoring Tammy Terrell. The bottle trees of Baobab Park at 11th and York stand in a circle like a convention of totems. A project of the nearby Village of Arts and Humanities, the 12 sculptural trees by 12 different artists don’t necessarily look like ... More » »