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Terry Adkins, Aviarium, 2014, polyurethene and enamel

Whitney Biennial 2014 – Tough sledding through a hodgepodge with some gems

Like walking through a yard sale or grandma’s attic, the hodgepodge that is the Whitney Biennial 2014 is a a little sad. All that stuff made by 103 participants, collected and sitting there, clogs the space and makes the journey through the show like walking through the Armory Show, only without the aisles and missing the weirdly high art-fair energy.  Advice:  Start at the top and work your way down.  Fourth Floor – Curator Michelle Grabner It’s shocking, we know, but like everyone, we come to the Whitney Biennial looking for our favorites and hoping to be introduced to great ... More » »

Miss Rockaway Armada at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.  Photo by Libby

The craft of art told by two exhibits at ICA – Bill Walton’s Studio and Charline von Heyl

Libby and I met recently with the new brain trust at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Chief Curator Sarah Archer and Executive Director Molly Dougherty. In a broad-ranging discussion about Philadelphia’s art scene and institutions and the PAA’s long history as an on-again-off-again player in the city, Archer mentioned they were very interested in exploring their mission — craft and design — in a way that breaks the mold of the traditional craft exhibit with objects on pedestals and in vitrines. They want to broaden their program to include a discussion of the making of objects and the thinking behind the ... More » »