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Sharon Butler, Silencer, 2013, pigment, binder, latex enamel, gesso, pencil, staples, loosely stretched linen tarp, 66 x 72 inches.

Sharon Butler’s New Casualist paintings at The Painting Center in New York

(Elizabeth tours Skin, a group show, and speaks with New Casualist painter Sharon Butler about Butler’s approach to failure, success, and “rightness” in her work. — the artblog editors) My eye fastens on a crumpled staple in Sharon Butler’s painting, and then I get it. A sense of loosening my expectation of what painting can or should be invades me. Butler and I are in front of “Silencer,” her large painting made with house paint on a linen tarp that has been nonchalantly stapled to the wall. I am stretching canvases this week and have removed many crumpled staples to perfect ... More » »


Two Quiet Guys in New York – Rob Matthews and the late Bill Walton

Two Philladelphia artists, Rob Matthews and the late Bill Walton currently have one person shows in New York. Although nothing (but Philadelphia) really connects these two shows, it seemed like a good pairing as both artists fill their respective gallery spaces with a range of small and large exquisite works. And while both shows are basically monochromatic, they feel rich and textured with thoughtful visual constructions. First, to the late Bill Walton, who is the inaugural exhibition at JTT, a new gallery in Manhattan’s Lower East Side (LES). Seen in conjunction with additional pieces installed a few blocks away at ... More » »

James McNeill Whistler  'Symphony in White, No. 3' (1865-67) oil on canvas, 20.2 x 30.3 in., Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham

London: the V&A’s Aesthetic Movement , Saatchi Gallery; and Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff

The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900, through July 17 at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) is perhaps most interesting for emphasizing that the Pre-Raphaelites set out to make their living space a Gesamptkunstwerk, complete with paintings, furniture, wallpaper, decorative objects and artistically-clad women, who clearly were part of the decoration; hence the exhibition includes all facets of fine and decorative arts, including  photography, printed books and rarely-seen items of jewelry and clothing.  Women’s clothing, that is. While the men established, developed and prosthelytized on behalf the style, it didn’t extend to their own dress. Even the dandy, ... More » »


Chelsea star – Mika Rottenberg’s Squeeze at Mary Boone

We always hope to find a surprise in Chelsea–something we didn’t expect and that knocked our socks off.  We don’t always find it.  But this time we found a star — Mika Rottenberg’s video installation Squeeze at Mary Boone. (Thanks to Diane Burko and Lenore Malen for suggesting this was one not to miss).

Anselm Kiefer, installation Next Year in Jerusalem, at Gagosian

Chelsea – We look high and low and run into friends

It was a day of big sculpture installations and unexpected encounters with friends. Cate ran around with us in Chelsea. We also had a gastro-incident and a gastro-delight: At our usual eatery, Pepe Giallo, the little Italian place at 253 10th Ave, we hadn’t even ordered when our wait person came to us and said they couldn’t take our order because the NY Dept of Health had just walked in to do a surprise kitchen check. We hope they passed. Ever resourceful, we crossed the street and tried Trestle on Tenth at 242 10th (between 24th and 25th). Cate and ... More » »

Matthew Weinstein at Sonnabend

Chelsea bits and pieces

Cate and I spent last Saturday afternoon in Chelsea and a couple things leaped out as really good. More pictures here. Chris Ofili

Beauty, sex, politics and joy in New York

Spencer Finch does Jorge Pardo in the gallery front window at James Cohan Gallery (see way below). Beautiful or ugly? You decide. Once again we went to hear Robert Storr at the Met last Saturday. (See previous post for Storr’s lecture on abstraction last week. ) We were looking for the light as usual but by the time the lecture ended we were confused as ever about the lecture’s point. In a lecture that ran at breakneck speed through a zillion slides with not a lot of commentary here’s what he said, more or less. Beauty is a mutable concept ... More » »

Free gallery pops up in Chelsea

Free exhibition space in Chelsea — you think not? Read Randy Kennedy’s piece in yesterday’s NY Times about Honey Space on 11th Ave. between 21st and 22nd, a kind of temporary squat gallery in a building a developer has designs on but is letting some artists inhabit until he’s ready to make his move.


Chelsea Afternoon in December

A couple things stood out in our Chelsea trek: The group show “Entourage” at Mike Weiss Gallery; Asuka Ohsawa‘s “On the Street Where We Live” show of excellent gouache on paper drawings at the new Freight and Volume Gallery, “The Painted Word” at Stellan Holm Gallery and Lari Pittman‘s new work at Gladstone which seems to have abandoned its flat design-y affect for a baroque, Japanese-influenced world of domesticity. “Entourage’s list of works at Mike Weiss had more red dot stickers per page than I remember seeing in a gallery anywhere in a long time. Sold, sold, sold. Works costing ... More » »


Time Out for Chelsea

Our gang of four (Libby, me, Anne Seidman and Jeanne Jaffe) did very nicely in New York last Thursday. You’d think it would be hard to whip four people into line and hustle them into and out of things in a timely fashion but we kept the pace brisk and that was good. We lingered over a few things and one of us had a panic moment trying to decide whether to buy a piece of art (decision: pass and hold on to hard-earned money). (image is a pass-through between 26th and 25th Sts. Chelsea = pretty in pink.) We’ll ... More » »

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