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Christina P. Day - http://www.chrissyday.com Shot: September 17, 2012

Artists I’ve Shot

(Jaime Alvarez’s photo post is part of an occasional series of images taken in artists’ studios when Jaime is shooting professional images of artworks.  (Jaime is also a fine art photographer and member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid gallery.) The candy-colored object is a calibration tool to help the photographer calibrate the color for the photo shoot. The mysterious hand is the hand of the artist helping out by holding the calibration tool for the photographer. Jaime’s images are working images made in support of the finished photographs.  This is a behind-the-scenes look at a working process the photographer uses to ... More » »

Christina P. Day's Polaroid camera, wood, paint, woven strap

Nutini, Day and Ziemke are Pleased to Meet You at Napoleon

Housed in the closet-sized space of Napoleon, “Pleased to Meet You” is an apropos name: The three artists, whose work occupies the room, provide a brief, concise introduction to their style and inspirations, just that, nothing more. The choice of pieces on display is a teaser, a carefully-selected sample of what defines each artist. Alexis Nutini, Christina P. Day and Matt Ziemke — three new members of the artist-run space — are all skilled at repurposing symbols, but each approaches his or her work with a different objective in mind. Christina P. Day’s work is the first point of contact ... More » »