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Tom Lauerman, Three Quarter Quonset, wood from clementine crates

Cities without size, cities without color — Urban Environments at Grizzly Grizzly

City dwellers face unpredictable environments. Whether descending into subterranean tunnels or ascending into office towers; biking merrily along while inhaling large quantities of carbon monoxide or walking through the stench of human waste that wafts from Center City’s overtaxed sewage system, a day in the city is a moment-by-moment negotiation between the inanimate and animate, the accidental and intentional, the old and new. In a dialogue between the works of three artists all concerned with architecture and city spaces, Urban Environments at Grizzly Grizzly shows pieces that portray the artists’ subjective conceptions of the urban world. A collaboration between two artists ... More » »

Heliotrope, detail view

Invisible Cities – A studio visit with Colin Keefe to see his fine ink drawings

—>Sam visits the studio of Colin Keefe, maker of intricate, ink drawings based on cities and cellular forms. Keefe, whose works you can see this month at Grizzly Grizzly, also runs the occasional gallery, Mount Airy Contemporary, from a space behind his house. –the artblog editors——————-> Colin Keefe creates his art while standing, drawing with a Micron pen on paper hung flat on the wall of his studio. He occasionally rotates his drawings to concentrate on different areas, alternately approaching compositions from a horizontal, vertical or upside-down perspective. The roots of his finished works are sparsely detailed diagrams on standard ... More » »


News post – Napoleon fundraiser, congratulations to Andrea, Douglas Witmer in Europe, opportunities and more!

News Napoleon Gallery and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Pennsylvania are partnering for a fundraiser aimed at engaging artistically inclined young people. Forty artists have been invited to a charity art sale, with each artist contributing one piece of work; prices range from $40-$80, so it’s well within a thrifty budget. The proceeds are split fifty-fifty between the artists and Big Brothers Big Sisters SEPA for a 2013 educational art event. The fundraiser began last night, with the sale continuing today and Sunday from 2-6 PM. Keep in mind that it ‘s cash-only! Fishtown’s status as a cultural haven ... More » »

Peter Rose, "The Indeserian Tablets."

News post – Julien Robson in Vienna, Alison Klayman discusses Ai Wei Wei, Tobia & Maksymowicz return to China, opportunities and more!

News At least now there’s no ambiguity as to what they’re after – Temple Gallery is now Temple Contemporary! In keeping up with the times, they’ve re-focused on reacting to local, national and global issues in real time. A calendar of their free events, chosen by scholars, local high school students, and community leaders from across Philadelphia, can be seen here. Indy Hall’s recent renovations have brought not only improved quarters for its loyal coworkers, but a series of new works by Sean Martorana, one of Indy Hall’s resident artists. “The Essence of Life and Line,” curated by Martorana and fellow Indy Hall-ers Kara ... More » »

Judith Schumacher, Whites 7 x 3, hydrocal and steel

Woodmere’s 71st Annual Juried Exhibition – a mixed bag that skews suburban

Some of the best pieces on display at the Woodmere Art Museum’s 71st Annual Juried Exhibition are paintings using broad splashes of color to ignite the eye’s attention. This exhibition, juried by Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art instructor Alex Kanevsky, includes several sculptures and mixed-media works, but it’s the drawings and paintings that attempt new spins on realistic or traditional styles that stand out amongst this selection. Arcenio Martin Campos  has two oils on display, both of figures rolling into free splashes of exuberant paint. Sterling Shaw’s enjoyable acrylic “Congested” and “Grapes” both use engaging coloration and play with light ... More » »


Drawing organics – Colin Keefe, Sarah Laing and Alana Bograd at Rebekah Templeton

The complex drawings adorning the walls of Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art in Fishtown have lives of their own. Without the artist’s hand as part of the equation, any of these heavily contrasted, black-and-white forms could easily be growing out of a patch of soil or spreading across the agar of a Petri dish. The fact that these creations are not multi-cellular organisms and are actually comprised of deliberate pencil or ink markings makes them all the more remarkable. Bearing the name Organon as a means for the process of investigation, the show examines synthetic, creative, and human processes that often ... More » »

by John Slaby

Art in the nabe–Mt. Airy Contemporary

Mt. Airy Contemporary, in an ancient Civl War era carriage house behind the home of Brooklyn transplants Colin and Andrea Keefe, opened a few months ago in a space a couple of blocks off of Lincoln Drive.