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man, woman and baby

Popemageddon II, Icebox Truck show 2015, Artist-run gallery in LA with Philly roots, plus Mural Arts, Marta Sanchez, House Gallery, TSA, opportunities and More!

NEWS Via Plan Philly Facebook: The Pope Fence and the Security perimeter may be in flux but here’s what floated around Facebook yesterday. It’s a dark map for what should be a happy event, no? Via Plan Philly and Bradley Wrenn, a funnier map later in the day, enhanced with appropriate Pleistocene and Medieval era iconography. Update:  Mayor Nutter says maps not right and smacks down the mappers: “I understand given the nature of the world today that at times little people who have little pieces of information will try to put out they have or what they think they have in an effort to ... More » »

Richard Ross, Juvenile In Justice, Harrison County Juvenile Detention Ctr, Biloxi, Mississippi, 2 2009

Juvenile In Justice at Crane Arts – Activist project raises issues about The System

Bring your hankies to the Crane when you go. Between now and Dec. 12, Richard Ross’s documentary photographs in the show  Juvenile In Justice, will wrap you in sadness and open your eyes to things you do not want to see or think about — children in tomb-like rooms, many of them looking like they are contemplating their own ends. Richard Ross’s project in the Icebox Ross’s heartbreaking photo project is about solitary confinement of children in the juvenile detention system.  The work is the anchor of a three-person show, also called Juvenile in Justice, spanning the first floor of Crane Arts. While ... More » »


A little News-ette – Free panel discussion on the Philly gallery scene,Thursday night at Crane Arts

(Hey everyone, here is something we want to share with you — an opportunity to hear how the real world of galleries in Philadelphia works, and to discuss the future! Organized by The Saint Claire, that great online magazine we love. Hope you can make it to this event.  Hope there will be more events! — the editors) Market Spaces: A forum on new art economies Thursday, October 17th /// 7pm /// Crane Arts Building DEFINITION: A public discussion with members of Philadelphia’s commercial gallery community. An event of open communication between students, artists, curators, and collectors. A gauging of ... More » »

Rebecca Tennenbaum, Untitled, latex paint, mylar, Bristol board, paper, crayon, and marker on panel.

“Little Queen of Nothing” — A visual conversation at Crane Arts

—>In this post by guest writer Rachel Pfeffer, we learn about three artists whose show is a kind of conversation that took place among them. –the artblog editors——————> Post by Rachel Pfeffer In their collaborative show, “Little Queen of Nothing: Ownership of the Everyday”, David Meekins, Arielle Passenti, and Rebecca Tennenbaum present a record of their visual conversation.  The three artists’ works, staged in the Project Room at Crane Arts, fall under a broad definition of collage and incorporate found materials from each of their daily environments. The artists created most of the work for the show separately while remaining involved in ... More » »

Ken Derengowski, "Manufactured", McDonalds French Fry Containers.

Systemic Devotion at Crane Arts’ Gallery 102 curated by Bambi’s Candace Karch and John Margraff II

—Rachel’s review asks the important question, must every piece in an exhibition be great?  Read on to find out how she answers her own question.–The artblog editors———————— The first piece stole the show. McDonalds’ French fry containers shaped into diamonds in a grid projecting from a white wall, row after column of that signature red popping forth with those golden arches adding the glistening touch. In fact, before diamonds I saw spinning tops – an endless army with the concepts of repetition, colonization, mass-consumption, and iconographic invasion playing out on the wall’s surface. The shadows produced from the individual pieces ... More » »

The "Winter Down" bridge and structure inside The Icebox, inside Crane.

Little Barnes on the Prairie – Winter Down’s jewel box salon at the Crane’s Icebox

Curators Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney harness the meta-ness of our zeitgeist by constructing a physical gallery within the massive confines of the Icebox project space at the Crane Arts Building. The exhibition, “Winter Down,” includes work by five artists – Amy Lincoln, Beth Livensperger, Mike Stifel, Becky Suss, and Douglas Witmer – all displayed in the skewed, pentagonal gallery-within-a-gallery constructed specifically for this show. Upon stepping into the Icebox at Crane, the first thing to confront the viewer is a white-walled, open-topped structure smack dab in the center of the room. Leading up to the fifth (missing) side is a hanging, ... More » »

Contents of one of the 100 trash bags archived at the Icebox in Refuse Reuse: Language for a Common Landfill

The lost and found words of Refuse Reuse at the Crane Icebox

A hint of bleach wafted through the Icebox when I visited last Thursday night for the closing reception of Refuse Reuse: Language for the Common Landfill, a ten-day project organized by Tim Belknap and Ryan McCartney and featuring work by a host of volunteers. In this project, where people’s throwaways became fodder for creative writing, volunteers Chris Golas and Joe DiGiuseppi were the trash rustlers, wrangling black trashbags from Philadelphia streets (they made a video of their curbside pickups, which was projected on a pile of white trash bags).  And a host of artists, musicians and writers volunteered to create ... More » »


Girls on Film – Female identity and the media at Crane Arts

by Mireille Guy Walking into the current exhibition in the Project Space at Crane Arts, a viewer is greeted by bright and colorful portraits that almost look like movie stills. That is because Girls on Film is a study of the relationship between painting and moving images, between pop culture and feminine identity. Artist Kate Perkins used many pieces from her recent senior thesis at University of the Arts, as well as others, to compose this show, and the result is a vibrant and engaging exhibition. Perkins’ lush and vivid portraits show characters taken from stills of Bollywood movies, Korean or Taiwanese ... More » »

episode 12 safari

artblog Art Safari, Episode 12 – Philly Pickup Truck Expo at the Icebox

We got a sneak peek at the Philly Pickup Truck Exposition last Friday night, June 1, at Crane Arts. The one-night event was not until the next night, June 2, but the organizers graciously allowed us to crash their installation in progress. The Icebox was filled with the trucks, their hoods up, and with artists making installations for the flatbeds and cabs. The Expo was organized by Tim Belknap and Ryan McCartney, who saw the event as an opportunity to bring some people together, have fun, and show off their trucks (and art). In this 2.45 minute video we see ... More » »


artblog Art Safaris – Episode 2, Outside/Inside the Box at the Icebox

We ventured out for our first official artblog Art Safari on March 2, traveling to Crane Arts, B-Square Gallery and the Vox building. Episode 2, here , shows Bruce Hoffman and Amy Orr talking with us at the Icebox about their Fiber Philadelphia shows. Two more video episodes on their way for the other two stops we made. Stay tuned! We’ll try to run them on Mondays to supercharge your week.  If you’re wondering why this is episode 2, that’s because episode 1 ran last October and chronicled our trip to Temple Gallery as part of our safari practice run. ... More » »

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