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United in light — Darren Almond’s To Leave a Light Impression and Dale Chihuly’s Beyond the Object in London

[Katie explores two London shows that treat light in very different ways, from moonlit nature photographs to abstract, colorful glass sculptures — the artblog editors] Light does much to connect us with the world. Its ricocheting rays tell volumes about what’s around us, from the expression on the face of a friend to the condition of a distant star. It’s little wonder, then, that light is an object of fascination and exploration for artists, who play with perceptions that most of us take for granted. Darren Almond‘s long-exposure moonlight photos, now showing at White Cube, play explicitly with the idea ... More » »

Museum Musings: Lobby Art and Paula Hayes’ Fantastical Gardens at MoMA

I’ve been thinking for a while about Lobby Art – art in museum lobbies, that is. Not all museums feature Lobby Art; for some, such as the Guggenheim, the Philadelphia Museum of Art or the Art Institute of Chicago, the architecture suffices to create an ambiance for the entry areas, although certain artists, notably Jenny Holzer and Rebecca Horn, have taken on the Guggenheim’s central void to spectacular effect, and one might consider the Tate Modern’s  Turbine Hall as the apotheosis of artist project lobbies.

Report from Beijing, Tibet and London

Post by Andrea Kirsh A Gem in Beijing The National Grand Theater in Beijing, otherwise dubbed the Pearl or the Egg, etc. All photos in post by Andrea Kirsh My first trip to Beijing, it turns out, was at an important moment for its contemporary architecture: the National Grand Theater was finally open (more-or less; the building is not entirely finished and regular programming will only begin in December). The building, first proposed by Zhou Enlai in 1958, was designed by Paul Andreu, the Frenchman who won the international competition in 1998. Known as “the Pearl,” “the Egg,” or other ... More » »

Pittsburgh–Dale Chihuly at the Phipps

Like a benign infestation, the glass art of Dale Chihuly has taken over the entire Phipps Conservatory at Carnegie Mellon University. The Phipps, a network of indoor botanical gardens with various environments from desert to rain forest to butterfly garden is a great walk under normal conditions. It’s like the indoor spaces at Longwood Gardens (Phipps doesn’t have the huge outdoor walks that Longwood does however). Chihuly, known for his Medusa-like flames of colored glass and large fluted vessel shapes, installed his work as if the pieces were flowers and other botanical objects. They’re in water ponds that have been ... More » »

PMA craft corridor – better here than nowhere?

Following the impassioned discussion about crafts in the comments for an earlier post about American Craft magazine, I present a few images from the PMA‘s show, Celebrating American Craft (through Sept. 30). The show’s in what I have been calling the crafts corridor because that’s what it is (first floor near the elevator and the photography ramp) but which the PMA calls the Auditorium north corridor. I am excited to see artblog favorite, Judith Schaechter, represented here. Any museum exhibit that includes a living, breathing Philadelphia artist is a very good thing. But. Judith Schaechter. I’ve Trampled a Million Pretty ... More » »