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Ron Tarver, Reynaldo's Bicycle

Images of Havana by three photographers at Dalet Gallery

There’s something about Havana. Most likely, we have never been; and yet images easily come to mind — public domino matches, old VWs, Che stencils and people dancing to Buena Vista Social Club — making us feel as though we already know it. We often forget the country’s struggle and immense poverty, instead believing in this land’s creativity, relaxed lifestyle, and spirit of revolution. Three photographers at Dalet Gallery in Olde City captured these imaginations and much more, revealing Havana’s nuances, hidden corners, and shy grins. The exhibition, Havana: Piercing the Darkness, opened First Friday, December 7, with a violinist ... More » »

Hyeyoung Shin's interactive footwashing performance.

Carrier Pigeon magazine’s artists take to the walls in Artist Driven II at Dalet Gallery

With a name evoking antiquated modes of communication, Carrier Pigeon is a magazine that tries to be everything. The quarterly publication uses a cross-disciplinary approach and casts a wide net to gather artists, writers and illustrators into a unique production.  The magazine is beautifully articulated. Its subject matter is lofty and cerebral; its raison d’etre described as ornately as any gallery press release. The gallery affect is understandable since the magazine puts on exhibits, in galleries, showcasing the magazine’s artists.  Artist Driven II at Dalet Gallery is a case in point.  (The show is a re-mount of a previous exhibition, Artist Driven, ... More » »

The "Hunger Games" Mockingjay brooch, by Tim O'Brien.

News Post – Tech Week creativity, Croquis Cafe, Ingrid Schaffner at A.I.R., opportunities and more!

News Gallery news – Dalet Gallery is partnering with Headlong Dance Theater for a special body performance installation, “Situations for Unlikely Bodies,” a work-in-progress by Sheila Zagar, Jaamil Kosoko and Caroline Stinger of Headlong. The performance is Sunday April 15  — drop in between 7:30pm and 9pm.  Fjord Gallery, 2419 Frankford is a new-to-us Kensington contemporary gallery and studio space started by Lindsay Chandler and three other local artists. opens on the First Friday of May. We think this is a terrific tool for artists who lack access to live models! The Croquis Cafe, an online collection of artist’s models, provides one-, two- and ... More » »

Thiercelin 3

Thibaud Thiercelin’s Autofiction at Dalet Gallery

by Julian Phillips Although art, philosophy, and entertainment are signs of a healthy and comfortable society, the day to day drudgery of obligations often keeps the subtleties of our lives away from us. These subtleties — reoccurring moments that are unique jewels that time will never make again — are often seen by us as mundane instead of special. Thibaud Thiercelin’s Autofiction captures these jewels, subtleties, and ponderous points of life.

Martha Posner, Turning III

Minimal, Emotional, and Visceral in Old City

Two types of minimalism sit side by side on 2nd street this month. At Larry Becker Contemporary Art Max Cole: Light and Line contains thirteen recent paintings in black and white. Cole’s work has changed in subtle shifts over 30 years and this new work is very consistent with her painting style while continuing that steady development. Horizontal stripes dominate the paintings, but on inspection some of the wide swaths are constructed of tiny parallel vertical lines that blend together into soft, tonal areas. As hairs combine to create the solid mass of a paintbrush, these individual strokes merge into ... More » »

Lissette Solorzano’s Hecho en Cuba 3 at Dalet Gallery

Old City First Friday rises from the snow

With temperatures rising, it almost felt like spring last Friday while I roamed around Old City, taking in several First Friday shows.  My first stop was Sound and Silence at Artist’s House, which runs through March 27.  The show is a beautiful, varied collection of works – mostly oil paintings, but also sculptures and lithographs – by more than two-dozen artists.  The title says it all: many of the works depict contemplative subject matter, but there’s also some noise.