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Lisa Kereszi, Girls Show World Center, TimesmSquare, NYC.
2000. Chromogenic Print, 40 x 30 inches. Edition 1/5.

News – Apocalypse art, Erica Minutella’s Hackathon project, Lisa Kereszi in ATL, Damian Moppett’s hometown show, opportunities and more!

News Here’s a conundrum: if the world ends, you won’t get to see any of the apocalyptic-themed art around town, but if it doesn’t end, the apocalyptic-themed art will be robbed of context, at least unless we can put it all in a time capsule for the next time someone puts forth another end date for the universe as we know it. How to reconcile this? I can’t give you an answer, but I can tell you that the shows at Arch Enemy and PhilaMOCA deliver the eschatological goods. Arch Enemy’s show, “The Day and the Hour Unknown” features the ... More » »


Damian Moppett: Look! It’s Libby and Roberta struggling

Click To Play Look at Libby and Roberta struggle to understand work by Canadian artist Damian Moppett at Temple Gallery, the latest episode from our ongoing series of gallery visits on video. Check it out, and check out the show, which is definitely worth the time to grapple with unfamiliar, but excellent work. Our video guru David Kessler captured it all and makes the magic happen. Hey, there’s still time to catch his work up at Bambi Gallery until Jan. 20. We didn’t review it because we love him to death and it’s hard to give the show a credible ... More » »