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Detail view of Phobos, left, and Epiphany: Father Time, right

Sacred geometry and travels through time and space with Dechemia at Rebekah Templeton

The experience of art in a gallery requires spending sufficient time to allow the senses to be lifted into the world of the work on the walls surrounding you. Artists Isobel Sollenberg and John Gibbons (collectively known as Dechemia) have embraced this understanding of art viewing, designing their pieces like parts of an environment that welcome and threaten to swallow you whole as they beckon towards infinity, as though one were looking into an enchanted well. Dechemia, which in Latin translates to “of chemistry,” are currently presenting new works in the show “Outside of Time,” up at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary ... More » »

Sebastien Leclercq, In case, 2012, pencil on paper (500 sheets), binder (front) and Imperial Rhodia-brand graph pad, 2011, pencil on paper, ink on card stock, staples (rear)

Arcadia’s A Closer Look 8: Dechemia, Leclercq, Shaddock, Wahl

How, I say to myself, am I going to write about this show that brings up issues of What is Contemporary Art? and What is art of any kind? It’s a show that wrestles with beauty, concepts, the handmade, and even more narrowly, the made and not made, and the material and immaterial. It also wrestles with group show constraints–the meaning of being jammed into one space with others whose work impinges on your own in some way–and talks to your own, redefining and expanding, in the best of worlds. The show is A Closer Look 8, the show at ... More » »

John Gibbons and Isobel Sollenberger, Kepler

Weekly Update — Smokey spirituality at Rebekah Templeton

This week’s Weekly has my review of Dechemia at Rebekah Templeton.  Below’s the copy with pictures. More photos at my flickr. You may not know Bardo Pond members John Gibbons and Isobel Sollenberger as visual artists, but the couple has been making and exhibiting their shamanistic and mandalalike poured plaster art for years.