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Yevgeniy Fiks, "Homosexuality Is Stalin's Atom Bomb to Destroy America," installation view. Photography by Etienne Frossard

News post – Philly Valentines from Twitter and the PMA, Yevgeniy Fiks’ work safe from Sandy, Lesley Mitchell in MA, opportunities and more!

News The PMA’s valentine to Philly this year is one that everyone, from singletons to significantly-othered, get to look back on not just this V-Day, but every Wednesday night: Pay What You Wish Wednesday Nights at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is now in effect, with pay-what-you-wish admission every Wednesday night, 52 weeks a year! To see what’s going on each night, visit the Museum’s site and read on. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, if you were on Twitter you may have noticed #whyilovephilly trending….then trending some more….then going global. Seems that Philly is everyone’s Valentine this year. Thank you to Philly Love ... More » »

Stacy Fisher (free standing sculpture) - "Vampires From Mars," 2011 - Hydrocal, spray paint, wood - 58" x 7 1/4" x 8 1/4"

Constellation Closet – Southern Cross at Grizzly Grizzly

by Dennis D’Alesandro Itʼs always nice to walk into a minimal, simply curated show. I hate walking into a show that looks jumbled with too many pieces, or pieces that are too big for the space, etc…Grizzly Grizzlyʼs current show, Southern Cross, is a great example of how to curate a well balanced, comfortable show without overwhelming the space, allowing you to engage with the work in an uncluttered and personal way.